Aliens: Colonial Marines – How to Find the Alien Easter Eggs [Achievement Guide]

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Posted on February 12, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Aliens: Colonial Marines – How to Find the Alien Easter Eggs [Achievement Guide]

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One strange easter egg can be found early in the singleplayer campaign of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and we’ve got all the instructions you’ll need to find it for yourself. If you’re curious for a good look at this secret, check out the screencap at the bottom of the page – we don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone! It’s a terrible joke, but an awesome little hidden bonus for curious players. Get the guide below.

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How to Find the Alien Easter Eggs [Achievement Guide]

  • Level: Mission 2 – Battle for Sulaco
  • How to Find:
    • Load Level 2, and play until you get inside the Power Loader. Use the loader to open the massive doors on the main path, then continue further into the mission.
    • Working through the alien gunk covering the next room, you’ll eventually reach a door you need to cut open. Slice it open with the cutter, and pass through the room with the fan.
    • Past the fan, turning right, left, and left, then forward you’ll find a room with lots of shelves and fences, with a locked door to your right. Take note of the door inside this storage room.
    • Continue forward past the storage at to the door bathed in blue light. Turn right through the door and run to the far end of the hall to the gunk.
    • Turn left at the gunk, and run down the hall. Behind some alien crap, there’s a secret button pad players can interact with. Interact with the keypad.
    • The keypad, once used, will unlock the door back in that storage room. Backtrack to the storage room, and you should see the back door open wide.
    • Get a good look at the eggs inside. If you want to check what the eggs look like, check out the picture below.
  • What is It?:
    • Deep in a secret corner of the chapter, through a special locked door, players can find four alien eggs painted up for the Easter holiday.


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