Aliens: Colonial Marines – Legendary Weapons Locations Guide

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Posted on February 12, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Aliens: Colonial Marines – Legendary Weapons Locations Guide

Scattered throughout the singleplayer campaign of Aliens: Colonial Marines, curious players can find upgraded weapons belonging to characters made famous in James Cameron’s Aliens, and we’ll show you how to find them. The Colonial Marines are going to need as much firepower as they can get, and these secret guns will provide. There are drawbacks; they can’t be upgraded, and many of the upgrades can actually make your standard weapons outclass these pre-improved versions, but that doesn’t make the legendary weapons any less fun your first time around. Don’t miss these collectibles, check out the guide below.

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Legendary Weapons Locations Guide

Hicks’ Shotgun

  • Level: Mission 1
  • Bonuses: Faster rate-of-fire, increased firepower, decreased clip size
  • Location: While exploring the gravity well with O’Neal, you’ll eventually reach the top floor where several aliens will attack. Clear them out, and explore the nearby rooms before catching up with O’Neal. When you meet, you’ll need to defend O’Neal from alien attacks while the door is opened. Check out the side rooms on this floor to find armor and the legendary shotgun.

Gorman’s Pistol

  • Level: Mission 4
  • Bonuses: Increased firepower
  • Location: While exploring the tunnels with O’Neal, you’ll eventually reach a door you must slice open to continue. O’Neal will wait beside the door. Instead of cutting it open, check out the path left of him and look for a table containing this pistol at the base of the steps.

Hudson’s Pulse Rifle

  • Level: Mission 5
  • Bonuses: Increased firepower, increased accuracy, doubled clip-size
  • Location: Once you’ve found the elevator, you’ll ride it up to meet with O’Neal and recollect your weapons. On this same floor, check out the offices to find this special pulse rifle.

Vasquez’s Smartgun

  • Level: Mission 6
  • Bonuses: Increased firepower
  • Location: On your way outside with O’Neal and Bella, you’ll enter a staging area full of shipping containers. Fight through the soldiers then head down the stairs leading to a garage where aliens and soldiers will pour through the open doors. After clearing the combat scenario, look for pallets stacked against the wall to find a special hidden smart gun.

Vasquez’s Pistol

  • Level: Mission 9
  • Bonuses: Increased firepower, increased rate-of-fire
  • Location: Just as you enter the interior of Hadley’s Hope, turn left and explore the path to find a room with extra armor and a hidden legendary weapon.

Frost’s Flamethrower

  • Level: Mission 10
  • Bonuses: Increased firepower
  • Location: During the objective to destroy the third AA gun, you can find a container holding a rocket launcher. Inside the same container, look around to find this powerful legendary flamethrower.

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