All out of mercy - Ghost Rider comes to GTA V!

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

If being able to go back to the future wasn't enough for you, this new mod from JulioNIB brings Marvel's infamous superhero Ghost Rider to the GTA V world, bringing with him a healthy dose of destruction, chaos and, of course, fire.

The mod allows you to roam the city of Los Santos as Ghost Rider, complete with a full arsenal of special abilities unique to the character, including the ability to throw fire balls, perform chain attacks, and naturally, burn people alive.

The feature list is actually quite extensive, but includes flamethrowers (that, by the way, also work in vehicles), flaming bullets for all guns, various hand to hand combat enhancements including grabbing and launching, the ability to slash your victim into ashes, and more.

Oh, and there's the bike, too. The character can transform any vehicle in the game into the signature cycle, and apart from looking awesome, it comes with all the expected functionality; the ability to ride up vertical walls, ride on water, and the ability to explode and destroy nearby objects and people if you go past them really fast.

You'll need the ScriptHookVDotNet utility to be able to get this mod to work, which you can download here, but once you have that single pre-requisit, head over to the mod's mini-site and grab the download now.

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