All Zombies Must Die shambles onto Steam March 12

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

You can’t really get much more blunt than a name like All Zombies Must Die, and by all accounts, it’s a name that truly does mean what it says. Doublesix’s violent undead blaster has been enjoyed on consoles for a while now, and those patiently waiting for it to come to PC can pick it up on Steam soon. March 12, to be exact!

The wait will have paid off, as a few tweaks are coming to the Steam copy based on console feedback. The biggest change is a new “treacle” feature, which allows players to trudge through crowds of zombies rather than finding themselves blocked by an impassable wall of rotting flesh. The gate quest has been restructured in order to make it flow better, and a whole bunch of minor tweaks have been made in order to improve the overall experience. Can’t say no to that!

Any of you lovely folk picking it up, or are you sick of zombies by now?

[Via Joystiq]

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