Amazon reveals it's Luna cloud gaming service

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Amazon is the next contender to enter the cloud gaming arena with Luna, a new streaming service set to compete with the likes of Google Stadia, PS Now, and GeForce Now.

Luna is attempting to set itself apart by offering subscription "channels," similar to how TV and it's Prime Video service operates, instead of selling games individually. This means subscribing to a channel will give you access to a range of games of similar style or genre rather than just one. There'll also be channels for each publisher, such as Ubisoft.

You'll be able to use the service with any controller, keyboard and mouse, but Amazon is also selling its own "Alexa-enabled" controller that will, similar to Google's Stadia Pro controller, connect directly to the cloud rather than via the host machine, for improved performance.

Amazon promises it'll support 1080p 60fps gaming out of the gate, with 4K support coming in the future for "select titles" only. Luna+ will set you back $6 US per month, but you'l also need to subscribe to other channels to access those games. 

As for when it's going to be available, Amazon has not yet confirmed, but those in the United States can sign up for a chance to get involved int he early access program now.


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