AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution could work on Nvidia cards

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

AMD's upcoming technology to rival Nivida's DLSS upscaling technology, known as FidelityFX Super Resolution, may work on Nvidia's graphics cards when it arrives later this year. 

The rumour comes from a YouTuber known as Coreteks, who have allegedly spoken to several game developers who claim to have access to an early version of FidelityFX Super Resolution. Moreover, according to those sources, the technology could work on Nvidia graphics cards, as well as AMD.

Coreteks also claims that the technology could be ready for the public as early as June of this year.

Coreteks states that AMD's technology uses algorithmic supersampling to upscale a frame with very little overhead and that this is done early in the graphics pipeline. It apparently has very little impact on performance and is very easy to implement, which would be a boon over Nvidia's technology, if it performs as well.

But the interesting part is that it's cross-platform, or in other words, it may work on any GPU, such as Nvidia's graphics cards, even older ones that may not support DLSS. It's not clear exactly what cards the feature will support, though. Other FidelityFX features are already hardware-agnostic, though, and are released as part of the GPUOpen library, including technology such as FreeSync, so it wouldn't be entirely unprecedented. 

Of course, take all of the above with a pinch of salt - none of this is confirmed by AMD and there's no independent verification of these facts - but FidelityFX Super Resolution is expected to release at some time this year.


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