An Interview with Chrono.gg

By Serio 7 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

It's no secret that indie games have gotten a [i]massive[/i] boost in popularity in recent years. One can attribute this success to websites such as Humble Bundle, and of course Steam, giving a spotlights to small developers. With the explosion in games being developed, getting your game highlighted is now more important than ever.

One service that helps both known and unknown games get out to the players is Chrono.gg. It launched in March this year, and has quickly made a name for itself with its very unique service model.

Instead of a store with several games on sale every few months, Chrono has a single game on sale each day. There's always a game on sale, but the deal changes every 24 hours, with no indication as to what's next. Once the deal is up, the site moves on to the next.

As a fan and customer myself, I reached out to Justin, the CEO and business developer of Chrono, to ask some questions.

I started by inquiring about the model itself, and where they got the idea from;

[b]Justin: "[/b]We were largely inspired for the idea by Woot.com (now Meh.com), as you can see from Meh, they sell one physical item every day at a great price, and it swaps every 24 hours. Additionally we don't really see bundles as the best option for game developers - there's a bunch of different games in a bundle, so consumers aren't really focused on any specific game (but rather the bundle site), and they very heavily discount the game to the effect that there's a real longterm change in the perceived value of the title"

I asked if they'd had any success, and of course couldn't resist dropping a question about the model's profitability into the mix; 

[b]Justin[/b]: "We've definitely been successful! We've worked with some incredible game developers/publishers and wonderful influencers. Don't want to speak too much to revenue, but the model is mostly proving itself, just need to continue delivering awesome deals to the community"

Now, with the unique model, one gets curious about where you find partnerships like this, and I was curious whether Chrono approaches developers, or waits for them to approach first;

[b]Justin[/b]: "We almost always approach developers, but do have some inbound interest as well. They're big fans of the model, by having a game on sale for just 24 hours it's a lot less likely to really effect their sales in the longterm, while still providing an awesome boost for a day"

Finally, I asked if ChronoGG had any plans to branch out with bundles or a bigger store;

[b]Justin[/b]: "We're pretty happy with the current model, and don't have any concrete plans to shift things up in a core way right now"

So there you have it, folks. Hopefully that gives you an insight into a website that manages to stand out in a sea of retailers, by restricting their deals and spotlighting the title.

[url=https://www.chrono.gg/]You can visit Chrono.gg by clicking here.[/url]


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