Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event features a solo queue

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Solo is something long demanded in Apex Legends, in fact, it's a bit of a problem - how many times has one of your teammates just run off into the ether on their lonesome, leaving the rest of your squad to fed for itself? It seems that problem is about to be addressed though, thanks to the Chaos Theory Collection Event, which will include a new solo queue, sort of.

More accurately, there'll be a new "No Fill" option that will stop the game from populating your squad with more players, meaning you can drop into a game entirely solo if you wish to do so, but you'll still end up facing other teams of two or three players, so you'd better hope you've got the skills to back up the choice. It's not quite a proper solo option, but it does at least resolve the problem of people abandoning your squad, so that's nice at least.

As for a proper solo mode, that's something Respawn is still not willing to implement, instead opting for this compromise; "we still strongly believe that, at its best, Apex Legends is a game about teamplay. But we’re launching this No-Fill matchmaking as an option for solo players because we think it gives a lot of creative opportunities for you to play the game your way." The good news is that No-fill will be a permanent addition to the game.

There's also a new takeover mode, called Ring Fury, heading to the game that will replace the usual closing circle with "Ring Flares," which are different regions of ring damage that will actually grow outwards during a match, making it very unpredictable and challenging. I kinda like the idea. There are also new "heat shields" to help balance things out, granting temporary protection from ring damage.

Chaos Theory kicks off on Tuesday, the 9th of March.


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