Apex Legends Global Series Launches January 2020

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

EA are launching a new professional e-sports league for Apex Legends in January next year, known as the Global Series, and will have a total of $3 Million worth of prizes up for grabs during the tournament. 

Players from around the world will compete at the event which will be open to all players who are able to qualify, starting with online qualifying tournaments, followed up by various regional events, before the main Global Series majors which will be held throughout 2020. There'll be four major tournaments, starting in January.

The first three will be pitting 100 three-player squads against each other with a top prize of $500,000 per event, before the final event which will see the top 60 teams compete with a $1 million prize pool up for grabs. The tournament will run under "match point" rules, which were the same rules as the Preseason Invitational last year in September, and is points based rather than simply last-man standing. Points are awarded based on kills and placement.

Rawspwan Entertainment's Vince Zampella stated that "Competition is at the heart of Apex Legends" and that they "look forward to seeing who, out of our millions of players, will become true legends of the arena".

The tournament gets underway on the 25th of January next year, but registration is set to open early January 2020.

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