Apex Legends is getting mini-quests within public matches

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Apex Legends is doubling down on expanding the lore of its world with new "bite-sized story events" that will take place within the game, known as Apex Chronicles.

Old Ways, New Dawn is a new set of character mini-quests that will take place within the game, similar to the in-game storytelling we first saw back in Season 5. The difference this time around thous is that these new Chronicles will take place in normal Battle Royale matches, rather than solo instances. 

You'll trigger it whenever a Bloodhound player discovers a white raven on World's Edge, after which you will be asked with following a breadcrumb trail to uncover new beats. New chapters will apparently be added every few days, and there'll be specific loot boxes rewarded to players who complete them.

Will it prove too much of a distraction though? It'll be interesting to see the dynamic of how this will work in the midst of a battle royale. That being said it's a welcome new addition, and I'm glad to see some story and lore finally get explored in more depth.


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