Apex Legends kicks off 2020 with a Grand Soirée

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Apex Legends are holding a party, or a Grand Soirée (a really, really long party) starting on the 14th of January, and it'll be a whopping two weeks long. 

Sadly, there won't be complementary drinks or canapés, but what you can expect is plenty of returning and brand new modes for a limited time, as well as the chance to win some swell prizes - infact, there's seven different modes features, each being swapped out every 2 days. 

We don't have full details just yet, but one of the new modes is apparently called DUMMIE's Big Day, and each mode will feature various challenges that you can complete to earn 1,000 points a piece. There'll also be some special weekend challenges on the 17th through 20th, where you can earn an extra 500 points.

There'll also be some new Dapper Legendary skins and art deco cosmetics on sale in the shop, should you like that kind of thing.

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