April Fools! Our Favorite Pranks Thus Far

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Posted on April 1, 2014, Mike Sharkey April Fools! Our Favorite Pranks Thus Far

It’s that time of year again, the day when the gaming industry gets downright silly.

You’ll find April Fools pranks galore from some of the worlds biggest developers all across the interwebs today, and we’ve wanted to share with you some of our favorites. Off we go:


The studio behind World of Tanks has revealed its fishy new project, which also answers the question, “What has Chris Taylor been working on?”

Wargaming purchased Taylor’s (Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege) studio in 2012, and we’ve yet to hear anything about his first project for his new bosses. Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi has the answer: “I’ve been asked recently why an international company with over 3,000 employees is so slow in presenting new titles and what Chris Taylor and his team are working on in Seattle. Well, here’s our latest project, and it answers both.”

That project is World of Tanks: The Crayfish, a top-down browser game in which players must rid the world of the crayfish menance. You can play it right now for free.

Grinding Gear Games

In an effort to better monetize their game, the folks behind Path of Exile announced today they have decided to make their F2P action-RPG “pay to win.”

After speaking with a number of experts at GDC, Grinding Gear says it learned the best way to become pay to win was to “nickle and dime” players. That’s why they decided to add “Win fireworks” to Path of Exile, $.15 consumable items that allow players to properly celebrate every victory.


Blizzard is already giving the iconic characters from its biggest franchises the MOBA treatment with Heroes of the Storm. Turns out they’re also making a fighting game for the also-rans of their gaming worlds.

Welcome to Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished, which features such fighters as Deckard Cain, Arcturus Mengsk, Gamon, and Treasure Goblin.

“They may not be the greatest heroes that ever lived,” Blizzard states. “They may not be the strongest, the smartest, or the most capable combatants. But if there’s one thing they do know, it’s how to take a punch!”

Along with the game, Blizzard unveiled its new Outcasts Fight Stick peripheral, a controller featuring 32 buttons, a credit card slot for faster in-game purchases, and a spiked joystick handle to deter unwanted users.

Game Front

What, you thought we wouldn’t get in on the prankster action?

So we decided James Heaney was taking too damn long with his Dark Souls 2 walkthrough video. That’s why we brought in Call of Duty pro Trosh. If anyone can blast through Dark Souls 2 in a hurry, it’s a CoD pro, right?


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