ArenaNet Plans Restructure and Layoffs

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

ArenaNet is currently planning a large restructure which will result in a large number of redundancies for a lot of staff Kotaku have reported. ArenNet is famous for their brilliant Guild Wars franchise which has been a huge success following the essential free to play model competing with games such as World of Warcraft, users only have to buy the games and they can complete content to their hearts desire. 

Unfortunately the article presents worrying news for ArenaNet employees, some projects which have not been disclosed to the public yet are not going ahead and the CEO of NCSoft West, ArenaNets parent company has sent out the following email to employees:

“Our live game business revenue is declining as our franchises age, delays in development on PC and mobile have created further drains against our revenue projects, while our operating costs in the west have increased. Where we are is not sustainable, and is not going to set us up for future success.”

This cost cutting and restructure will not just affect ArenaNet employees but also NCSoft too and is being touted as the key to success in ensuring the future needs of the organisation can be met in a sustainable way. ArenaNet have not released a major game since Guild Wars 2 and it's two expansion packs the last of which came out in 2017, the organisation have reported a decline in revenue from their PC games. 

We wish all the employees who are at risk find new jobs quickly and hope the company can make this restructure count to benefit of all.

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