ARK: Survival Pokémon mod hit with DMCA by fellow modder

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

A new mod for ARK: Survival Evolved, which adds Pokémon to the game in place of dinosaurs, was hit with a DMCA takedown within a days of the mod going live, but surprisingly it wasn't issued by Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.

In what may be a stunning show of foul play, a fellow modder for the game, who is working on a competing mod that does the same thing, appears to have issued the DMCA takedown against the mod via Steam Workshop. As a result of the takedown claim, Steam has disabled access to the mod until it resolves the case.

In a statement made to PC Gamer, the mod author, Mystic Academy, tells how the as-yet unknown rival has filed the takedown, as he is building a competing mod for the game. He has started a campaign to ask fans of the mod to help him fight the DMCA takedown.

i [sic] created this mod because i [sic] love Pokemon and finally wanted a fun realistic way to play with them.

The mod added over 30 Pokémon to the game, as well as new craftable items, which was intended to transform the entire feel of the game.

This mod was created to bring a whole new world to the players of Ark, like many other Ark players I had become bored with just modding dinos[sic] and the other Ark craftables. The team went ahead and started to create a conversion to ark that would remove everything that you are used to and replace it with the style from Pokemon

No further details are currently available as to who is responsible for the act, or what relationship they have, if any, to the author of the mod, however it does highlight a potential exploitability in the Steam Workshop system if another user is able to have a mod taken down, either for selfish motivations or out of spite. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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