Armored Core VI Guide to Farming 500K COAM in ten minutes

By FileTrekker 23 days ago, last updated 23 days ago

Our resident video producer, James Heaney, is not one to rest on his laurels when it comes to FromSoft games, and Armored Core VI is no exception. If you're looking for ways to earn COAM, the game's currency, quickly, then the Hean has you covered with not just one but TWO guides to the best farming methods in the game to get rich quick.

In the first guide, James does a walkthrough of a method that will allow you to earn 500K COAM in just ten minutes, allowing you to purchase everything in the shop in no time.

Simply follow these steps until you're rich;

1. Select "Sortie", Then "Replay Mission"
2. Scroll Down To "Destroy Tester AC" and progress to begin the mission.
3. Rinse and Repeat. About 80k every 2-minute battle.

In James' second guide, similar to the first Farming Video, he demonstrates a method that allows you to simply replay the mission "Attack the Dam Complex". 

The first two generators have enemies around them that you must destroy, but once you get to the third you do not need to fight anymore. just progress to the fourth and final generator.

We're sure there are more COAM farming methods out there - so why not share your best strategies in the comments below?


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