Armored Core VI is hiding big surprises inside New Game+ and NG++

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

New Game+, and even New Game++, is a staple of FromSoftware games that add replayability by allowing you to play through a second time with your existing builds while facing tougher enemies and perhaps even encountering the odd Easter Egg or reward for doing so. Armored Core VI is taking this to the next level, though, with some of the game's biggest surprises hiding within the post-game modes.

There are a ton of new additions, rewards and differences between the base game and New Game+ / NG++, according to a number of players on Reddit. Much like Elden Ring or the Souls games that FromSoftware is known best for, these game mods will prove tough to play through, but the rewards are worth it.

NG++ is "especially spiced up and a must-play" according to redditor Razhork,  adding that "there are a lot of new additions, changes, and rewards. This is primarily aimed at Souls fans since I imagine this is common knowledge for older AC fans. NG+ in this game is no joke." 

Since Armored Core VI is only around 15 to 20 hours long, these additions to NG+/++ are very much welcomed, and it pays to keep track of the decisions you make during your first playthrough, in order to unlock different missions, parts and battle logs during your subsequent runs.


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