Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Feathers

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Posted on November 22, 2010, Ben Richardson Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Feathers

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood contains 10 collectible feathers scattered throughout the gameworld. Find them all, and you’ll be rewarded with an achievement/trophy (20G/Bronze, respectively). Check out the list of locations available below.

Tiber District – On the highest point of the Roman ruins, immediately to the east of the Viewpoint in this area.

Centro North – On the rooftop of the entrance to the Mausoleo de Augusto

Centro South – By the cross on the rooftop of the Pantheon.

Centro South – On the rooftop of the middle building in the Palazzo Senatorio

Campagna North – On the rooftop of the church you have to go during one of your first missions in the city.

Campagna North – In the center of the Terme Di Diocleziano; you’ll have to fight off some guards to get to it.

Campagna South – On top of the tower inside Mercenary HQ.

Antico West – On top of a lone column in a ruin in the northernmost town in this area. The column is complete with a capital; there is a broken column next to it.

Antico East – On top of the Colosseum’s west side.

Antico East – On top of a column by the road leading southeast, away from the Colosseum.

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