Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Metagame and Shop Quest Rewards

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Posted on November 17, 2010, Ben Richardson Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Metagame and Shop Quest Rewards

As if Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood wasn’t complicated enough, it features an extensive metagame that allows you to save the city from the ravages of the Borgia clan. By repairing and opening various commercial enterprises, you can reinvigorate Rome’s flagging economy and earn yourself a tidy sum in the process.

You can also unlock powerful items by completing what are essentially crafting quests. Talk to the various merchants on Tiber Island near the Assassin Hideout. They’ll ask you to retrieve specific combinations of  items; when you do, you’ll be rewarded. Look for these items in hidden treasure chests (particularly in Sons of Romulus lairs), during Contract Missions, by pickpocketing civilians, and by waylaying Bandits, Borgia Couriers, and Wolfmen.

Shop Quest Rewards

Seusenhoffer Pauldrons and Chest Guard – Complete the Exotica Shop Quest by finding Shrunken Head x2 (look for treasure chests in Antico, and during “The Sixth Day”), Elephant Ivory x3, and Indian Diamond x3 (Blacksmith)

Spada Lunga – Complete the Blood Money Shop Quest by finding 7 Vlad the Impaler coins (Blacksmith)

Captain’s Sword – Complete the Faith Shop Quest by finding Terracotta Pot x2, Totem x2, and Buddhist Prayer Beads x2 (Blacksmith)

Vaticano Treasures Map – Complete the Trendsetting Shop Quest by finding Pomander x2, Ambergris x2, and Papaver Silvaticum x1(Art Merchant)

Large Quiver – Complete the Pulling Threads Shop Quest by finding Silk x8 and Cardinals Purple Dye x5 (Tailor)

Fast Poison – Complete the Venomous Shop Quest by finding Tomatoes x5, Nutmeg x3, and Aconite x2 (Doctor)

Metagame Rewards

Cavalieri Mace and Butcher Knife – Open 5 Blacksmith shops

Spadone – Open 10 Blacksmith shops

Knife Belt Upgrade – Open 4 Tailor Shops

Large Medicine Pouch – Open 4 Tailor Shops

Knife Belt Upgrade – Open 8 Tailor Shops

Large Poison Vial – Open 8 Tailor Shops

Auditore Cape – Complete the Rebuilding Rome metagame to 100%

Need help with the metagaming? Try our Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Game Guide.

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