Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough

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Posted on November 12, 2010, Ben Millikan Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough

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Assassin’s Creed 2 was quietly one of the games of the year, so it’s impressive that Ubisoft has managed to raise the stakes even higher for Brotherhood. The game features a revamped combat system, a bigger gameworld, and a whole panoply of new gameplay avenues, including the ability to recruit assassins to the Brotherhood and a Fable-like feature that sees whole neighborhoods changing as a result of your shadowy influence.

Coupled with these singleplayer changes is a robust multiplayer system that turns the game’s core assassination mechanic into a pulse-pounding competitive experience. Four different modes will enable you to parkour your way through the streets of Renaissance Italy, pursuing your quarry with deadly intent.

Below, we’ve got a detailed step-by-step walkthrough for the singleplayer campaign. If you’re looking for hard data, try our Cheats, Achievements, and Trophies pages.


Table of Contents

Sequence 1: Peace At Last

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll notice that right after you are thrown in midst of one of Desmond’s memories, you’ll automatically receive the Technical Difficulties Achievement.
  2. Following that cryptic message from that mysterious woman, head down the hallway. Hold Y to use your Eagle Vision. Look for the highlighted sections of the wall and climb up to your uncle.
Follow Mario down the hallway. Make your way past the vindictive monks and continue to follow Mario across the courtyard. After he opens the door, take out the attacking guards. Stay close to Mario after he takes off down the stairs and to the right. He likes to free-run too, so watch for him to leap to and from the tops of buildings. Fight off all attacking guards along the way and get to the top of the lookout tower. On horseback, follow Mario into Monteriggioni. Before you follow Claudia up stairs, head back down stairs and head for the exclamation point point on the left of your map. Talk to the woman next to the box of flowers. Follow her back up the palace steps where you will drop the flowers off. After she promises to “repay” you for your services, head back down the palace stairs and head for the exclamation point on the right. When you arrive, talk to the bearded man in front of the horse stalls. Simply get close to the horse and press B while behind it to mount it. He’ll keep running around, so make sure that when he stops you quickly jump on. Bring the horse back to the guy to complete the minigame. Head back through the city walls and head for the final exclamation point on your map. You will find a guy testing out a cannon high above the city walls on a tower. After you are informed that you need to find the engineer, heard around the city walls and follow the blue scope on your map to find him. After you talk to him, follow him back to the cannon. Walk up to the cannon and press B to use it. Pres RT to fire and destroy five of the flashing targets down below. Head for the blue scope on your map, which will take you all the way back up to the palace steps and through the palace doors. Following your explanation of your encounter with Minerva, head up stairs and through the door in the back left corner. After you get some action, your bedroom will be decimated by cannon balls. After you talk with Mario, head for the yellow scope and ride your horse to the city wall. After you lose your horse, jump across the planks and climb up the partially broken ladder to the left. Continue to climb up the wall, then turn left and man the cannon. Destroy the long row of enemy cannons down below. Since you can only load one cannon at a time, make sure you aim precisely and make each shot count. Once you cannon is destroyed, man the cannon to the right. Don’t worry about the army –– aim for the cannons on the ridge right above them. After you reach your next checkpoint, run through the doorway. Shoot up the rope in front of the blocked off doorway. Jump down the other side and go crazy on all of the soldiers. Once you defeat them, you’ll be seriously wounded. Fight off the next group of soldiers, but keep in mind that your health will be low. Make your way up the palace steps. Head straight for Claudia and save her from her attackers. Head around the right side of the palace and escort her to the Villa. ACHIEVEMENT: Once inside, head down the steps. After the cut scene of you riding off to meet the Borgia Infantry, you’ll receive the Battle Wounds Achievement and complete the first sequence. Back in the present day as Desmond, head up the steps and follow the translucent figure to your right. Walk up and through the opening in the fence and dive into the pile of hay below. Head down the tunnel. Stand on the platform to the left of the gate and press any button to open it. Free-run up the wall in front of you and climb up to the next level. Follow the path around to meet up with Lucy.

Once you reach the ledge that you can’t climb, stand on the lighted platform again. Follow Lucy across the beams and onto the next platform. Head through the tunnel and down the ladder. Jump across the beams, then climb down the wall in front of you. Stand on the platform to pull the lever for Lucy. Use the crates as a step and jump up the wall. Climb up the ledge and swing across the poles. Hold any button near the glowing light to pull the lever. Once Lucy calls you to come over, jump into the water, swim over to her and climb up the planks. Step up on the crates and scale the makeshift ladder. Make your across to the left, drop down and pull the lever. Cross the planks and pull the next lever. Turn right down the path and continue to follow the visions of Ezio. Press any button at the edge of the bridge to give Lucy a boost across. Jump across the chasm. Head down the hallway and through the hole in the wall instead of heading upstairs. Swing down across the poles and jump across the gap. Hop onto the platform in the left corner and jump across toward the beam along the wall. Move around the the left and climb up the beams. Walk along the narrow beam and jump into the opening on your left to pull the lever. Walk back out onto the beam and follow Lucy up the stairs. Repeat the step of giving her a boost and crossing over the gap. Climb down the ladder and jump out onto the platform. Jump across to the left and make your way up the beams. Once up top, step on the circle and pull the lever. Step toward the edge of the bridge and repeat the teamwork routine. Head up the tunnel toward the sanctuary. Follow Lucy up the stairs. Use your Eagle Vision and open the large door to your right when you reach the dead end. Follow the nerdy fellow up the stairs and out into the courtyard. The first circuit box you have to reroute will be located on the wall to the left of the door. From there, head diagonally toward the corner of the next building. Head all the way around it and down the path between the two buildings. Continue down the stairs right in front of you and use your Eagle Vision to find the next circuit box on the building to your left. Turn right, step up the pile of crates and jump across the planks to get over the wall. From there, jump diagonally down toward the pole and onto the nearby roof. Head straight down the building and follow the street around to the left. After you pass a white car, turn right to find another circuit box on the wall behind the pile of trash cans. Turn right past the red car, then left to find the fourth circuit box on the corner of the building. (Keep in mind that there are more than four to choose from.) ACHIEVEMENT: Once you are back with your team, talk to all of them before hooking up to the animus. You will then earn the Sanctuary! Sanctuary! Achievement. After you have tried of few of the training challenges, go to DNA, select the second sequence and begin by selecting the first memory.

Sequence 2: A Wilderness of Tigers

As Good As New

  1. Your first objective will be to find a doctor. Head for the blue scope on your map. The doc won’t be too hard to find––he’ll be the dude in that frightening mask.
  2. After he heals you, sprint toward for the church tower and climb to the apex to test out your abilities. Walk to the edge of the plank to expand your map, then perform a Leap of Faith
  3. Follow the guards down the path to the right. Make sure to maintain your distance so you don’t get spotted. After a lengthy pursuit, kill the six guards when the screen prompts you to do so before they kill the husband.

Well Executed

  1. In order to avenge the husband’s wife, you need to go hunt down Il Carnefice. Climb up the building in front of the large wall to get to his house on top of the hill. Once you reach his house, climb up on top of the roof. Lock onto Carnefice and kill him with a lethal strike from the roof.
  2. Take out the surrounding guards in this area to complete the objective. You can pick-pocket the fallen enemies in order to get some extra money, bullets and throwing knives. Head for the exclamation point on your map to get your next objective.

New Man In Town

  1. Simply accompany Machiavelli as you walk through the streets of Rome. When you reach the Blacksmith, purchase the Stiletto and Roman Spaulders (they will be found under the Small Weapons and Armor categories).
  2. After you purchase the items, continue to follow Machiavelli. When you reach the next checkpoint, you will have to kill the Borgia Captain. He will have two guards guarding the entryway to where he is located––get on a roof from the opposite side and take them out using some throwing knives.
  3. If the Captain has not already been lured out, hop down, head through the entry way and kill him. He will take a few more hits than the average guard, but he shouldn’t be too difficult. Once he is dead, make a quick escape and meet back up with Machiavelli.
  4. You will learn that your killing of the Captain won’t be enough and now you have to burn down the tower. Climb up to the top to watch it ignite. After it burns, walk toward the stable near where Machiavelli is standing to renovate the horse stable.

Easy Come, Easy Go

  1. Hop on the nearby horse and follow Machiavelli. Following the cutscene, hop off your horse and hunt down the thief. When you get close enough, press RT + B to tackle him.
  2. Look on your map and head for the exclamation point to meet back up with Machiavelli.

Who’s Got Mail

  1. Begin by following Machiavelli to the Colosseum. When you arrive, save Machiavelli’s contact by hopping off your horse and killing the three guards. Follow the courier down the tunnel and tackle him when you get close enough.
  2. Head for the exclamation point on your map to obtain your next objective.

Crepi Il Lupo

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll be ambushed by a group of crazy attackers in bear outfits. If you can perform a Speed Kill Streak of 10 you’ll receive the Serial Killer Achievement.
  2. In order to complete a full synchronization of this memory you’ll need to not lose any health. Pick the pockets of you attackers, then head down the stairs and head through the tiny opening.

The Halls of Nero

  1. For this objective you’ll have to pull the four levers located in the four corners of the room in order to find a way into the underground ruins. Jumping across the pillars can be frustrating, so aim carefully or you’ll miss them. Once you get the first lever, the other three should be easy as long as you don’t fall.
  2. Once all four levers have been pulled, jump down into the newly formed hole in the center of the room. Get out of the water and head through the opening with the white statue inside. Turn right, then right again where you will see another statue.
  3. Climb up the statue and jump over to the left wall. Climb across to the right and around to the outside. As you turn inside the next entryway, jump across to the ledge on the other side.
  4. Continue around to the right and pull yourself up on the plank. Jump out to the hanging chandelier and use your momentum to propel yourself over the gate to the left. Walk around the pathway and climb up the statue at the end. Face the gate and jump out to the beam.
  5. Jump to the plank on the left wall. Jump out towards the hanging chandelier and use your momentum to swing yourself out onto the plank on the outside of the wall. Jump across to the next plank, then swing yourself from another chandelier and over the gate. Head up the stairs and pull the lever to the right of the door.
  6. In order to get past the burning coals you’ll have to climb up the broken pillar on the right. Jump out to the statue, then across to the pillar on the other side. Climb all the way up and across the wall.
  7. When you get as far as you can go, jump to the middle toward another broken statue. Climb up and jump over to the wall on the other side. Jump from the plank to the pole and swing down to ground level.
  8. Just like before, get to the top of the statue and jump across to the left wall. Climb to the top. Jump across the steps, then move around the ledge to your right. Move all the way around and jump across to the ledge on the other side.
  9. Move up to the ledge and around to the left so that you are inside the room. Move all the way around and jump out toward the pole. Swing down and jump across the steps and up onto the ledge over the gate.
After you drop down into the next area, head around the the center structure and climb up the steps to the left of the gate. Jump out onto the statue and jump across to the pole. Head down the pathway to the right. Jump from the statue, to the pole, to the next statue. Jump toward the ledge on the right wall. Move across and jump to the ledge on the left wall before heading through the opening. Head around to the right and up the rings. Jump out to the center structure. Climb around to the left and swing across the series of poles. Head into the center of the room near the burning fire. Climb up the pillar to the right. Jump out to the ledge on the wall in front of you. Climb up and around to the plank on the right. Climb up to the next plank, then swing across the poles to the left to land on the balcony. ACHIEVEMENT: Walk around the room and open all of the tiny treasure chests. Climb up the ladder and exit through the hatch to receive the Golden Boy Achievement. ACHIEVEMENT: Once you are back outside, follow Machiavelli to the Tiber Island Hideout. Once inside, walk into the room with the flag of the Assassin’s logo over the doorway to complete the sequence.

Sequence 3: The Fighter, The Lover and The Thief

  1. Turn left, climb up the wall and get to the top of the building. Find the plank and press Y to synchronize your map before jumping off. Swim out of the water and head for the next lookout point on your map (the center icon in the middle of the three exclamation points).
  2. Once you get to the top, walk onto the plank and synchronize your map. After you jump from the plank, get up and head for the exclamation point in the Northeast corner of your map. After you head through the castle gate, approach and open the door just ahead.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place

  1. As soon as you start this objective, run past the fighting guards and chase after the Captain. After you kill him with a single lethal strike, run back down the path and jump down into the water on your left.
  2. Climb up and around the nearby tower and once you get to the top, before igniting it, climb out onto the plank and synchronize your map. Get back inside the tower and press B to ignite it.
  3. Follow the blue scope on your map and head back to Bartolomeo. After you talk with him, talk to the architect nearby to renovate Bartolomeo’s Barracks and complete the objective.
  4. Head to the Rosa in Fiore in the middle of town for the next objective.

High-Stakes Negotiation

  1. After you talk to the mistress, begin the long jaunt to meet the slave traders. Along your journey, pick-pocket unsuspecting civilians to steal their money.
  2. After you arrive at the boat and the traders kill the girl, take them all out. Pick-pocket your victims, then head back to the Rosa in Fiore. Keep in mind that once you leave you’ll have to deal with a group of Borgia guards.
  3. When you arrive at the Rosa, move around to the back and make your way up onto the balcony. After you talk to your mother and sister, head down to the other side of the building and talk to the architect about renovating the Rosa.
  4. Exit the newly renovated Rosa and head for the final exclamation point on your map.

Double Agent

  1. Head for the yellow scope on your map to meet with La Volpe. Once you reach the building of the location, climb to the top and drop down into the partial balcony to find him.
  2. Switch to your throwing knives to help you quickly kill the six guards down below before the thief dies. Do your best to blend in with the crowd as you escort the thief to meet back up with La Volpe. Keep in mind that the guards will be looking for you, so stay close to large groups of people.
  3. After you find La Volple, you will have to lose your notoriety by killing officials, bribing heralds and ripping down posters. You look on your map for the icons to perform these actions. After you perform at least two of them, meet La Volpe by following the blue scope on your map.
  4. After you talk with him, go and talk to the nearby architect. Exit the Thieves Guild and head for the next exclamation point.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: Once you arrive and talk with your inner circle, head for the blue scope on your map to talk with the guard and complete the sequence.

Sequence 4: Den of Thieves

  1. Head for the broken heart icon on your map. Approach the women wrapped in light and you will suddenly be teleported into a Matrix-like world. Chase down the lighted figure that is fleeing from you.

A Second Chance

  1. Simplest objective of the game: Simply follow Cristina without being detected.
  2. Once you revert back to the present time, head for the exclamation point on your map.

Castello Crasher

  1. Head for the yellow scope on your map. The best way to infiltrate the castle is to jump in the water and swim across from the south. Climb up the poles to the left, jump across to the ledge and climb over to the bridge to reach the checkpoint.
  2. Since this is a restricted area, stealth is the best method. If you hide in the hay pile to the right, you can wait for the three guards in this area to walk by, then pull them in and perform a stealth kill.
  3. Use your throwing knives to take out any remaining guards in the area, then head up the ladder located diagonally from the hay pile. Turn right and use the two barrels as steps to grab onto the ledge of the tower.
  4. Climb up the tower and perform a stealth kill on the unsuspecting guard standing near the ledge. Climb up and move across to the left, keeping in mind that the red dots on your map are guards.
  5. Jump into the corner to reach the checkpoint. Lock onto the passing guard down below and jump down to perform a stealth attack. Climb up the stack of crates and swing across the poles.
  6. Make your way onto the beam, then take out the guard across the way on the roof by using one of your throwing knives. Swing across the poles and make your way over to the next checkpoint.
  7. Turn right and kill the guard down below on the lower level roof. Turn left and jump onto the inlay in the wall, then hop over to the roof to the right. Jump across to the plank, then turn so that you are facing the tower and leap across to the ledge.
  8. Climb over to the right to reach the next checkpoint. Jump up here to grab onto the ledge above you. Continue to make your way up and across to the right. Jump across the planks, but keep in mind that you will have to jump back in order to scale the tower, so don’t just swing across.
  9. After you reach the next checkpoint, swing across the series of poles. One you are hanging on the final plank and have nowhere to jump, press and hold B to drop yourself and catch the ledge underneath you.
  10. Drop down to the plank directly below you, then jump over to the right to grab onto the ledge. Go as far as you can to the right, then go up to reach the checkpoint.
  11. After you see where Caterina is being held, jump across to the ledge of the window and climb up to the top of the tower. Before you pull yourself up, continue to climb around to the left and take out the guard from behind when he isn’t looking.
  12. Pull yourself up onto the roof and take out the guard up ahead. Turn right so that you are facing the ledge and take out the guard down below. Head through the castle doors.
  13. When you see the stairs that lead up, turn back and head down the stairs on your right. Be careful because there will be a guard passing by. Once you take him out, turn left and then right up the stairs.
  14. When you hear Caterina’s voice, take out the two guards that are attending to her in front of her cell.

Femme Fatale

  1. Make you way back out into the courtyard. Take out the lone guard on the other side, then climb up the door on the right wall. Make your way up the wall and take out the lone guard over on the area to the left.
  2. Turn right and climb up to the top of the shorter roof. Walk to the edge and drop down onto the winding roof below. Once Lucrezia has been left alone, walk to the part of the roof so that you are standing directly over her. Drop down onto the canopy, then drop down next to her.
  3. After you kill the guards, walk through the gate and take ahold of Lucrezia. Walk back through the gate and head for Caterina’s cell. Unfortunately, you will have to fight off guards along the way. Each time you do this, Lucrezia will flee. So make your kills quick so that she doesn’t run too far off.

The Burdens We Carry

  1. Take Caterina and set her off to the side before you head downstairs. Take out the two guards guarding the stairs, then go back and pick her up.
  2. After you head down the two flights of stairs, you will see three guards run down the hallway. Set Caterina down again and take out the one guard standing guard at the bottom of the stairs.
  3. Turn left down the winding staircase and kill the guard down the stairs. When you head back up, take cover behind the wall next to the doorway and kill the third guard as he walks by.
  4. Go get Caterina, head down the stairs and turn into the doorway on your right. Turn right again and drop her down the chute. After you jump into the pile of hay, stay hidden and wait for a guard to pass by before pressing X to take him out.
  5. Before you pick Caterina up, peek out into the hallway and take out any lurking guards. With Caterina, turn left down the hallway. Set her down again and take out the guard standing in front of the doorway to the right. Pick Caterina up and head through that same doorway.
  6. Now outside, turn right and head up the stairs. Set Caterina down and take out the approaching guard before cranking the wheel on the wall to the left. Pick her up and head up the stairs on the other side.
  7. Set Caterina down and crank the second wheel. Pick her back up and head for the gate to exit the castle.

Guardian of Forli

  1. Follow Caterina on horse to exit the castle. After she rides away, get off your horse and fight off the guards for a minute and a half in order to give her enough time to escape. You’ll be totally surrounded, but Ezio’s combos are awesome so it shouldn’t be too difficult a task.
  2. Following the explosion, it will be up to you to flee the guards and become anonymous. When you are in the clear, head for the Assassin’s Guild (the exclamation point on your map) to meet back up with Caterina.

Man of The People

  1. Head for the two cross-shaped icons and help the citizens fight off the surrounding guards. After you help the two citizens in both areas, go and talk to them in order to recruit them.
  2. After you have complete the objective, head for the next exclamation point on your map.

Serial Offender

  1. With the aid of the courtesans, follow the blue scope on your map to find Malfatto. When you spot him, sprint after him and take him down.
  2. Head for
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