Baldur's Gate 3 gets first ever discount during the Winter Steam Sale 2023

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

It's the holiday season, and that means only one thing - huge discounts from the house of Gaben, and thrillingly for many who have been waiting for a price-drop, Baldur's Gate 3 is now on sale for the first time ever.

The sale runs until 10am PT / 1pm ET on the 4th of January, so there's plenty of time to spend that $10 your Auntie Doreen is going to slip into your Christmas Card, but the sales are live right now if you somehow have some pre-Xmas money burning a hole in your pocket.

Baldur's Gate 3 is down to $53.99 - 10% off the usual retail price, and the good news is the same discount is also available on GOG.com and the PlayStation 5 store, if Steam isn't your cup of tea. It's the lowest price the game has been available for to date, so now seems like a good time to pull the trigger if you've been itching to see what all the fuss is about.

There's plenty more discounts up for grabs, too, with the excellent Remnant 2 available for just $29.99 - or 40% off right now - I have to say this game has been one of my favourites out of all the titles myself & Zac have played over on our YouTube channel this year, so I can highly reccomend picking this one up. Another fantastic game we played this year was Dave the Diver, which is also on sale for 20% off at $15.99.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade has a whopping 50% off the usual retail price too, making it just $34.99, although it's worth noting that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn't too far away at this point. Monster Hunter World is also on sale for 67% off (could have added another 2% there...), making it a steal at $9.89.

The sale also marks the start of the 2023 Steam Awards, with final voting now open over on Steam's website. What will you be picking up in the sales? Let us know down in the comments!


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