Baldur's Gate 3 Inventory management just got a whole lot easier

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

There are very few criticisms any reasonable person could level at Baldur's Gate 3, but if you absolutely had to nitpick, you could argue that the inventory management system in the game could use a little bit of improvement. It can get a bit messy, and keeping track of all the various bits and bobs in your inventory can be a job in and of itself. Sure, there's a search feature, but knowing what to search for can be tricky to keep track of.

The good news is that a new mod from Caites, Better Inventory UI, has fixed almost all of these issues. It hugely improves the layout of the inventory UI, making it much easier to digest, in my opinion, and makes other tweaks and changes to make finding and discovering items much easier.

The mod adds symbols on the inventory screen that denote which type of item it is; for example, you'll see a little grenade symbol on throwables, drinks have a little chalice icon, and so on. One nice touch is that books you've read will appear darker than those you haven't, saving you a ton of time.

The mod also highlights items more likely to be helpful to you via different coloured backgrounds. This makes it much easier to digest at a glance, versus the endless grid of almost identical-looking icons. 

There are two versions of the mod available, one of which also adds food items, but I recommend grabbing the one without this feature as it seems to cause a lot of lag when opening up the inventory UI. You can grab the mod now here.


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