Baldur's Gate 3 now lets you change your appearence whenever you like

By FileTrekker 2 months ago, last updated 2 months ago

The latest Baldur's Gate 3 update has added a bunch of fixes, but one new feature, in particular, is very much welcome, and that is the ability to change your character's appearance anytime you want, using the Magic Mirror in your camp. 

I'm sure a number of players out there have been long awaiting this feature, as there's nothing more frustrating than growing tired of your character's appearance after already sinking hours, days, or even weeks into your campaign. The Magic Mirror fixes this, by allowing you to change your character's general style, voice, and pronouns at any time.

There are a few restrictions, however. You obviously cannot change race; body type is also off the table. You can't alter the appearance of the core Origin characters using the Magic Mirror, either. Larian explained on Twitter/X, that "With Patch 3 comes the Magic Mirror, which lives in your camp and allows you to change your Tav’s appearance whenever you’d like!" adding that "Race & body type can’t be changed, Can’t alter Origins — they’re all *very* particular about their hair."

This seems fair; changing race would break the gameplay significantly, as each race has unique dialogue, interactions and traits that would be easily abused, or lead to broken situations, should they change at any point. In any case, this is a very welcome addition, and one I am sure most players will appreciate, seeing as it now allows you to remove that crazy tattoo or hairstyle you regret applying.

The update has many other improvements, including improved game performance, especially in the lower city. You can check out the full patch notes here.



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