Bannerman Upcoming Beta Dates

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Bannermen, a new game in development that is set for release on 21 February 2019 has an upcoming beta weekend beginning on Friday 8 February to Sunday 10 February. The beta is all encompassing and will include the usual offline single player skirmish game, online skirmish game, multiplayer ranked and unranked matches with the automated match-making system, the tutorial and of course a very small preview of the single player campaign.

The game takes place in a realm called Valtoria, it is ravaged by war and Lord Karthor is the one that is ravaging the kingdom and tearing it apart with his ungodly abilities. In the single player campaign you play Lord Berrian who is trying to take back his kingdom and defeat Lord Karthor. The developers Pathos Interactive have put a lot of effort into the lore and watching the video below really makes you want to play the campaign!

You can check out the games Steam page here and sign up for their beta weekend at the bottom of the games website here.

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