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Posted on July 15, 2011, GameFront Staff Bastion Cheats

In Bastion’s storybook, you’re the one writing the story — make sure it’s a good one with GameFront’s text and video walkthrough. You’ll want to search every inch of this painted world, and if you want every achievement, just check our list below. Keep checking this page for updates on unlockables and more.


Regular Achievements

The End (20 points):
Complete the story.

The Stranger (10 points):
Complete the Wharf District.

Pet Sitter (10 points):
Get four different domesticated creatures in the Bastion.

Vigilante (10 points):
Complete at least 50 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.

Altruist (20 points):
Complete 100 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.

Calamity Kid (30 points):
Complete the story in New Game Plus.

Mind Voyager (20 points):
Complete each trip to Who Knows Where.

Kid-at-Arms (10 points):
Use the Forge to apply at least one upgrade to every weapon.


Click the link to go to our Achievements page and read the last four Hidden Achievements.

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