Batman: Arkham Asylum Secret Mystery Teaser Room

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Posted on October 22, 2011, GameFront Staff Batman: Arkham Asylum Secret Mystery Teaser Room

The secrets just keep coming in Arkham City. First there was the secret mystery broadcast – now this, a tantalizing super-secret hidden away for only the most dedicated of Arkham City players to discover. Keep scrolling to get in on the hidden action, we won’t mess around any further, you’re going to want to see this.

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Secret Mystery Room

  1. Before searching this room, you’ll need the upgraded Crypotgraphic Sequencer with the TYGER codes installed.
  2. Check your map. The hidden room is located on a Falcone boat, just north of the industrial district in the harbord. Look west of the two cranes hanging over the water.
  3. One the boat, step onto a raised square wooden cover near a wooden box. While standing on this square platform, use the Cryptographic Sequencer.
  4. You’ll start hacking — this is the most difficult hack in the game, at security level 5. This will take some time, so have patience.
  5. First, you’ll need to find the word “Arkham” for the first part of the password. Now, find the word “Terror” for the second word.
  6. Keep “Terror” as your second word, then change “Arkham” to “City of” as the first word.
  7. This is a tricky hack because “Terror” will only show up while “Arkham” is chosen, and “City of” will only appear while “Terror” is selected.
  8. When the password is selected, the wooden platform will slide and reveal the entrance into the barge. Jump down, and walk up to the Joker thug in the chair. To the left of the thug is a paper attached to a wooden beam.
  9. Otherwise, take a look around, or wait in front of the thug for about a minute.

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