Batman: Arkham City Side Missions Guide

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Published by GameFront Staff 8 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
Scattered throughout the walled campus of Arkham City are special side missions that aren’t so easy to find. Each of these missions introduces you to one of the insane denizens of Arkham and gives Batman a task before leading to an event to cap their individual mini-plot. These side stories are definately worth tracking down, so keep scrolling to get a rundown of when and where to activate each of these jobs.

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Side Missions Guide

Arkham Assault

  1. This mission is available all throughout the main game. Everywhere you go, you might hear pleas for help from political prisoners. Help them out by following the signal and taking down the thug.
  2. Save enough and you’ll complete the side mission, it’s just that simple.

Augmented Reality Training

  1. These training missions are available right away, after Bruce Wayne suits up. Doing these is very important, as you’ll unlock upgrades to your gliding abilities. Definately try to complete the first set of Augmented Reality Training tests.
  2. The advanced sets are far more difficult, but the reward isn’t as crucial. Every one of these tests is located on your map. You can find more help completing these advanced tests with our video guides here.

Fragile Alliance

  1. This mission can be accessed any time early in the game, once Bruce Wayne has suited up as Batman.
  2. To activate the mission, head down to the GCPD building. Nearby a signal flare has been set off at the Krank Co. Toys building, easily spotted by the huge toy bear sign.
  3. Enter through the doors and talk to Bane. He’ll task you with finding six TITAN containers, marked on your map. You can use the explosive gel to destroy them.
  4. Several of these containers are easy to find, but some you won’t have access to until later in the game.
  5. TITAN Container #1 and #2: These are marked on your map, one is outside near the museum, the other is near the Steel Mill. They’re guarded by armed thugs, make sure to take them out.
  6. TITAN Container #3: Find this one on your first visit to the Subway Station. Every area can be returned to, sometimes through an alternate entrance, so you can always return to an area you’ve already explored by the end of the game.
  7. TITAN Container #4: This one is found behind the Penguin’s War Room in his Museum. You’ll be able to access it after freeing Mr. Freeze.
  8. TITAN Container #5: Find this container at the base of Wonder Tower, while following the ninja underground.
  9. TITAN Container #6: This one can be found while returning to the Joker’s HQ in the Steel Mill to get back the TITAN cure. It’s just off from the back door entrance.
  10. With all the containers destroyed, return to Bane. TYGER guards will rush in. Help Bane defeat them all, then blow up the remaining TITAN to complete this quest.

Through The Looking Glass

  1. After Vicki Vale’s chopper is shot down, you’ll have to rescue her from snipers. After she’s rescued, you might spot a little man in the cutscene.
  2. Leave, you’ll get a message from Alfred stating that the cure has been delivered. Go pick it up.
  3. It’s a trap! Break free and start fighting thugs. The Mad Hatter will periodically appear during this fight, make sure to punch him a few times before he escapes.
  4. When the Hatter is defeated, you’ll have finished this short but sweet side quest.

Identity Theft

  1. After leaving the Subway for the first time, you’ll be able to access this mission. Here, you’ll investigate three murders to find the culprit.
  2. The First Body: This one will appear on your map, in a general area. Find the body in an alley, just keep Detective Mode on and look for a body laying on the ground. Get all the clues and follow the trail to a suspect.
  3. The Second Body: Find this next body near Ace Chemicals, in another alley. Scan for clues here, too.
  4. The Third Body: The last body is south of Ace Chemicals, find it, scan for evidence, and follow the trail to the killer’s hideout.
  5. Inside, you’ll need to do some hacking, but you’ll finish up just fine.

Watcher In The Wings

  1. Another short but interesting side mission. When Batman is suited up and free to explore Arkham, keep an eye out for a mysterious man on the rooftops. You need to discover and scan four symbols.
  2. Symbol #1: The first symbol is just south of the courthouse, on the rooftop overlooking the courthouse plaza. This one can be found after you save Catwoman.
  3. Symbol #2: In the Industrial District, climb to the top of the Ferris Wheel to find this next symbol, only available after you complete the first visit to the Joker’s Steel Mill.
  4. Symbol #3: This symbol is on a roof northwest of the Bowery, which can be accessed after rescuring Mayor Sharp.
  5. Symbol #4: After saving Vicki Vale, this symbol can be found on a roof to the west of the GCPD.
  6. After finding all four symbols, align them with the dots on the map to solve the puzzle and scan the fifth symbol to complete this quest.

Shot In The Dark

  1. Once the Steel Mill is completed on your first visit, you’ll be able to investigate a series of assassinations. There are three murders, leading to the conclusion.
  2. Murder #1: This one will appear on your map. Scan the scene and follow the trajectory.
  3. Murder #2: After some time passes, another murder will occur. You’ll hear a loud gunshot. The body is on the highway, scan and follow the trajectory again for more clues.
  4. Murder #3: The last body is west of the church, just keep detective mode on to find it. Scan the area for the last clues you need.
  5. With all the clues, you’ll proceed to the conclusion.

Cold Call Killer

  1. This mission can be accessed at any time after Bruce Wayne suits up.
  2. The missions are generated randomly, any number of pay phones around the city will ring. Travel around enough and you’ll hear ringing, activating detective mode will help you find them.
  3. Pick up the phone, after clearing the area of enemies, and the caller will demand you pick up another phone. Race to the next phone under a time limit, and the mission will procede.
  4. As the killer talks, keep your cursor over the moving icon to track his location. It’ll take ten or so attempts to finally find his hideout.
  5. Once his hideout is discovered, head there for the mission’s conclusion.

Enigma Conundrum 

  1. After saving the medical team from Joker’s thugs at the church, you’ll eventually get a distress call. Return to find them all kidnapped.
  2. This is by far the most difficult and complicated of the side missions. To complete it, you’ll need to discover many of the Riddler trophies throughout Arkham City. Finding enough will activate a riddle that must be solved.
  3. The first can be saved right away in the Courthouse. Saving him leads to a discovery — the Riddler has informants everywhere. They’re high-lighted in green, and interrogating them shows where every Riddler Trophy in an area is located.
  4. Finding and interrogating informants will keep you from going insane trying to find every trophy.
  5. Each of the riddles leads to a hideout. These hideouts are complicated, but the riddles aren’t anything too insane. Here are the answers for each riddle.
  6. Riddle #1: Use detective mode to scan the Organ.
  7. Riddle #2: Secret
  8. Riddle #3: Darkness
  9. The third and remaining hideouts require the Line Launcher to finish, make sure you have it before continuing.
  10. Once all five hideouts are clear, you’ll finally get some revenge against the Riddler.

Remote Hideaway

  1. After you rescue Mayor Sharp, you’ll get a call from the undercover cops. Return to the Iceberg Lounge for a special upgrade to your Disruptor, allowing you to remotely explode concussion mines.
  2. There’s nothing else to this one, just a reward. Definately pick this device up.

Heart of Ice

  1. This mission can be activated after fighting Mr. Freeze, but before going to the Joker’s Steel Mill the second time.
  2. Talk to Mr. Freeze in the GCPD building, he wants you to find his wife Nora, kidnapped by the Joker’s thugs.
  3. She’s being held in a building along the shoreline of the Industrial District. Jump down to one of the boats in the water and look towards the docks.
  4. Just above the water, you’ll see that one of the buildings has a weak structural wall you can’t normally reach.
  5. Use the Freeze Blast to create a block of ice and stand on it. Then use the batclaw to pull yourself to the weak wall. Using some explosive gel to knock the wall down, and you’re in.
  6. Crawl through the ducts and pop up, defeating the thugs and saving Nora. Then you just need to return to Mr. Freeze and give him the good news.

Hot & Cold

  1. During your second visit to Joker’s Steel Mill, talk to a tied-up Harley Quinn to start the mission up.
  2. Your goal is the boiler room. To get there, use the REC to open the east door in the Loading Bay, then hack the console in the following room.
  3. Follow this path to reach the Boiler Room, taking out the guards in your path, and you’ll find the Freeze Blast Grenades.
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