Battlefield 2042's rocky launch leads to review-bombing on Steam

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Battlefield 2042 is just one day out of the starting blocks but seems to be amassing a number of negative reviews on Steam already with many players upset at the number of bugs and radical changes to gameplay that have been introduced.

The game currently has a "mostly negative" review score, with nearly 15,000 negative reviews as of writing. The number of positive comments seems absolutely dwarfed by the review bombing, which seems to be pretty relentless right now. 

Most of the negative reviews complain bout the same things, mainly the unwelcome changes to the Battlefield formula, along with a number of bugs and early launch issues. According to many players, DICE has taken away many of the elements that make the game Battlefield, such as the lack of scoreboards and the removal of the class system that has been a staple of every game to date.

Instead, the game now has a roster of "specialists," which many are arguing discourages teamplay as it allows players to fill any role they want rather than invest into building up a class. The feedback was prominent even during the beta, but DICE went on record to say they wouldn't be changing anything. The reason for the change is also leaving a bitter taste in many players' mouths, with a number reasoning that the change is to drive sales from cosmetic DLC.

The list of complaints and issues is exhaustive, as the top-rated comment on steam helpfully highlights, with over 94 pieces of feedback about the game including problems with various weapons, missing or changed features, and general bugs.

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