Battlefield 4: Dog Tags Locations Guide

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 9 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Discover every collectible dog tag in Battlefield 4 with the locations guide below.

During the whirlwind campaign of EA’s fourth multiplayer shooter, the player can come across special dog tags. Walking across a dog tag location will cause a mild chime — so pay attention if you want to make finding these hidden goodies even easier.

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Dog Tags Locations Guide

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Baku Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #1: In the tutorial, look at the board through the first door on the right just as the mission starts.
  • Dog Tag #2: Before dropping into the room with the C4, hop over the gap to find a dog tag on the center window.
  • Dog Tag #3: After a traumatic scene with Dunn, check out the helo crash and search the front pilot seats before leaving the area.

Shanghai Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #4: At the start of the mission, take a right in the alley. Look for a tag attached to a door lit up with a red light.
  • Dog Tag #5: During the sequence where the player fights in a hotel lobby, look above the elevator as the battle starts.
  • Dog Tag #6: After escaping a tank down the alleyways, take a right and check behind a tree to find a dog tag against a fence in a dead end.

South China Sea Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #7: Once you’re in control, look for a barrack on the right before getting to the medbay. Look on the upper bunk to find the dog tag.
  • Dog Tag #8: After swimming underwater, your squad will surface in a room. Look for a door lit up with green and check behind the column on its left.
  • Dog Tag #9: Completing a rescue, the squad will return to the upper deck. Stepping outside, turn right and search the front seats of the chopper crash.

Singapore Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #10: Just as the mission begins, look left for an empty boat on the beach. Look on the aft section to find the dog tag.
  • Dog Tag #11: At the bar where your squadmates get into a fight, look behind the counter.
  • Dog Tag #12: Entering the hangar with the passenger airliner, climb onto the left wing via a ramp to find the tags pinned to the plane door.

Kunlun Mountains Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #13: While trying to escape, look down the hallway to the right of where you save Irish. Inside the last cell down the hall, grab the hidden dog tag.
  • Dog Tag #14: During the hacking sequence in the bay, climb up the catwalks to the upper floor to find a broken electrical box. The tags are nearby.
  • Dog Tag #15: On the bridge, look underneath the tram platform to find the last dog tag of the mission.

Tashgar Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #16: When encountering enemies near the bridge, look for a blue truck ahead of another building in the park. Destroy it, then enter through the truck to find the dog tags.
  • Dog Tag #17: Reaching the base, you’ll have to deal with an enemy helicopter. Nearby, there’s a ladder to the left leading to the roof. Jump to the scaffolding to find the second dog tag.

Suez Dog Tags

  • Dog Tag #18: Fighting across the flight deck, look for a white plane on the right. Climb onto the fuselage and walk toward the tail to find a dog tag stuck to the side with a knife.
  • Dog Tag #19: The final dog tag is in the medbay. During the speech, look on the right side to find dog tags on one of the beds.

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