Battlefield: Hardline – Dead Space Easter Egg

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Posted on June 20, 2014, GameFront Staff Battlefield: Hardline – Dead Space Easter Egg

The open beta for Battlefield: Hardline is on and savvy players have already spotted a reference to EA’s other big shooter franchise Dead Space. With the developers behind Dead Space, Visceral Games, helping to bring Hardline to life, it’s only natural they’d sneak something in.

Last week, players discovered pink donuts in Battlefield: Hardline with a unique call-out. We’re hoping for even more once the massive multiplayer shooter gets closer to release.

You can join in and continue the hunt. Check out how to get instant access to the Battlefield: Hardline beta — but only if you’re a PC user.

For more info on the next in the series, check out the Battlefield: Hardline E3 trailer showing off some of the insane cops vs. robbers action.

Dead Space Easter Egg

In the second floor of the mall on the High Tension map, curious players can find a distinctive “Ishimura” symbol above one of the closed storefronts.

The USG Ishimura is the name of the massive planet-cracking mining ship that’s the primary setting for Visceral Entertainment’s big horror franchise Dead Space.

The Ishimura, in Dead Space’s surprisingly deep canon and mythology, was named after the inventor of the “Shockpoint Drive” Hideki Ishimura. Basically, he created the warp drive.

EA announced earlier this year that Visceral Entertainment would be working on Battlefield: Hardline, so it was only a matter of time before we saw references and Easter eggs related to their big survival-horror series. Don’t be surprised to see even more EA winks and nods when the full game releases later this year.

This isn’t the only time major franchises have mixed. Developer Volition included the evil Ultor Corporation, the primary antagonists of their Red Faction shooters, into the Saints Row universe. Ultor were a major faction in Saints Row 2, becoming the main villains of that game as well.

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