Battlefield Royale 5: Can you survive the ring of fire?

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Published by FileTrekker 4 months ago , last updated 4 months ago

We love Battle Royale games here at GameFront, and weather you love them or hate them, there's no denying the addictive nature and runaway success of games like Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. It's long been known that Battlefield 5 would be stepping into the mix by including the mode, and with the latest trailer released today for Gamescom, we can now know one or two more snippets of information.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, it involves a number of players, usually 100, being able to drop into the map anywhere they like, and after a certain period of time, the map will begin to shrink, in PUBG this is a blue circle called the Zone, in Fortnite, an unsettling storm of damage. It seems in Battlefield 5, the 'circle' is going to be represented by a ring of fire.

Insert Johnny Cash reference here.

And as the circle shrinks, the flames get higher, until, by the end, the last remaining players are surrounded by a huge....ring of fire. 

While there isn't too much else unique to report on here, one thing that does excite me is the fact that it appears vehicles like tanks will be available in the mode, though, which may be a key differentiation for the game, as heavily armored vehicles are not something featured in other games within the genre. 

Stay tuned to GameFront for all the latest news from Gamescom and beyond.

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4 months ago by Plokite_Wolf

Egomaniac Assholes Inc. will not have much of a success in that field since they're behind the fad. By the time Battlederp Vee comes out, the fad may have already gone away and something else will take its place.

4 months ago by RadioactiveLobster

This is the best trailer so far for Battlefield V. I'm still cautiously optimistic about the base game's MP and SP.

The BR mode looks like it might be a smaller affair and that actually intrigues me but I'll wait to hear more.

There's an open beta coming up soon where we can get a taste of it. I've played the 2 closed alphas so far and it's def got room to improve.