Been naughty on Facebook? Your Oculus is now a paperweight

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

If you've recently bought an Oculus headset, you'll have noticed that you need to have an active and connected Facebook account in order to be able to use your device - and more worryingly - if you've lost access to your Facebook account, such as through a ban or suspension, your Oculus becomes, well, a very expensive paperweight. 

It seems to justify the outrage users felt when Facebook announced that connecting to an account would be mandatory going forward - and while it's not mandatory for users who owned devices before the change just yet, it will be come 2023. 

One user was immediately banned from their new device after connecting their Facebook account, and it took several days for them to be able to use it, thanks to slow customer support channels. That's pretty outrageous if you've just dropped a huge sum of money on a new VR headset, frankly.

If your Facebook account has been banned due to a breach of community standards, it seems that you may never be able to use the device again - but that remains unclear currently. Facebook is now suggesting you "check your account standing" before connecting your device.

So while the Oulus Quest 2 headset seems to be an impressive upgrade, I personally wouldn't be entertaining one, especially given the risks that seem to be involved if I somehow lose my Facebook account, through hacking or other reasons.

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2 years ago by Lysdestic

All the more reason to NEVER buy an occulus device!

Mandatory social network connection is not OK. Especially not to Facebook in light of literally everything we've learned, and indeed, should have seen coming from the very beginning.