Bethesda: Piracy, Drivers, Makes Developing for PC “a Headache”

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Posted on November 10, 2011, CJ Miozzi Bethesda: Piracy, Drivers, Makes Developing for PC “a Headache”

In an interview with Joystiq, Bethesda VP of Marketing Pete Hines stated that, “From a technical standpoint, yes, the PC is a headache. It just is – a million different possibilities of hardware, drivers, etc.”

As an example, Hines pointed to Rage’s disastrous launch.

As you saw with Rage, all it takes is some bad video card drivers and years of hard work comes off as ‘buggy’, when in fact it’s a really solid, stable game.

Of course, no argument against the PC platform can be made without playing the piracy card, so it’s no surprise that Hines brought that up as another issue PC developers face. However, some good news did come out of it:

We do the best we can to protect [the game] without resorting to Draconian measures, and we continue to enthusiastically support our PC fans with things like the Creation Kit and the ability to create and add unlimited amounts of mods and content to your existing PC game.

Are we ever looking forward to those mods — hopefully one will be made to add full DirectX 11 support and high-res textures if Bethesda doesn’t.


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