Bethesda won't be holding an online showcase in 2020

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

With the coronavirus pendemic cancelling almost every trade show scheduled this year, along with E3 2020, a lot of companies are making the move to online presentations instead. Bethesda won't be one of those companies however, with VP of marketing Pete Hines stating on Twitter they won't be holding any such events.

He did however go on to state that they will have "lots of exciting things to share" in the coming months, so that does not mean Bethesda will be going completely radio silent. Gamers have been keen to hear more about The Elder Scrolls VI since it was announced a few years back at E3 with a very basic teaser, as well as Starfield, a new RPG franchise from the company.

Todd Howard has stated previously that Starfield was in a playable state and had been in development for "a couple of years" already, so we can't imagine we won't hear anything from Bethesda about that game this year. 

The Elder Scrolls VI will likely be a longer wait, but given the original tease was two years ago, we're surely due something by now. We'll be sure to bring you any news from the company as it happens.


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