Beware of These Battlefield 4 Launch Issues

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Posted on October 29, 2013, Mike Sharkey Beware of These Battlefield 4 Launch Issues

Battlefield 4 is now live (Game Front’s resident Battlefield expert Devin Connors calls Battlefield 4 one of the defining multiplayer experiences of 2013), and as a fan, I’m pretty thrilled. Also a bit concerned. This is DICE and EA we’re dealing with and smooth multiplayer launches aren’t exactly their strong suit.

The first Battlefield 4 launch issues have already reared their heads, so before you log-in for the war you should be aware of the following:

  • On PC, if you’re running a 32-bit OS, you must first download the Day 1 Patch or Battlefield 4 won’t run.
  • On Xbox 360, a sizable Day 1 Patch is also ready for downloading, and DICE strongly recommends you install it if you want a smooth multiplayer experience.
  • On PlayStation 3, if you’re dropped by PSN, even momentarily, you will be trapped in an infinite loading screen and you must completely exit and restart your game.
  • On PC, AMD GPU users running Windows 8 could experience major problems. EA Support says it is currently investigating a problem where the AMD/Win 8 combo leads to frequent crashes-to-desktop or a strange red screen limbo between matches and/or map changes. EA says running Battlefield 4 in Win 7 compatibility mode might resolve the issue, but it is still searching for a definitive fix.
  • On PC, if you receive an error message saying your Battlefield 4 key is already in use, you must first uninstall the Battlefield 4 beta from Origin.
  • On PC, there are also reports of numerous Punk Buster errors, namely that the anti-cheat software is out of date or not installed. If you receive this message, head on over to the Punk Buster download page, select For All Windows Games, and add Battlefield 4.

And as always, if you’re on PC, be sure to download the latest GPU drivers from Nvidia and AMD.

That’s all for now, though, unfortunately, we’re expecting this list to grow as more players log-in on all platforms around the world. If you encounter an issue or find a fix/workaround for one of the problems listed above, let us know about it in the comments section below and keep an eye on EA’s Battlefield 4 Support Page.

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