Beware of this Outriders bug that could wipe your inventory

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

If you're enjoying Outriders right now and spending time looting through the world, be warned - there's a bug in the game that may cause your inventory to be wiped, according to players on the Outriders subreddit.

Allegedly inventories are being emptied when the game crashes, and according to developer People Can Fly, the team are aware the issue can occur and has also helped some players recover their lost items. So if this has happened to you, it may be worth contacting customer support. 

While rare, there's no ETA for a fix yet, which means you'll be running the risk if the game happens to crash right now. It seems to mostly be a problem when connecting to another player's game and could be caused by a connection drop or other error. According to one Redditor, a_jacks_28, "I was playing with friends and I got kicked with a connection error. I logged back in, and my inventory is completely gone, even things I had equipped."

 The problem was also present in the demo version, apparently. The suggestion, for now, is to avoid co-op if you want to keep your inventory intact, while People Can Fly are also working on a way to restore gear to players who have been affected. "We're still figuring out whether the best way would be a one-to-one customer support team method (which may be more accurate but would take much longer and may not be feasible if there are many cases), or whether we are able to (as previously) run a mass-one-off restoration event via our backend."

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