Beyond Good and Evil HD Walkthrough

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Posted on March 9, 2011, Kevin Thielenhaus Beyond Good and Evil HD Walkthrough

Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest games of all time, Beyond Good & Evil is a third-person action-puzzler that puts players in control of Jade, a camera-packing investigator hoping to get to the bottom of a vast conspiracy. Combining stealth, combat, and the aforementioned puzzle solving, Jade traverses her home planet, searching for the clues that will enable her to protect her realm from the DomZ, an evil alien species that enslaves people and sucks the life out of them (like all the best alien species do, after all).

Accompanied by a cast of anthropomorphic animals, and transported in a hovercraft (and later a spaceship, named the Beluga), the game‘s spunky heroine faces danger at every turn. Eight years after the original’s release, an HD-quality remastered version is available for download, but the threat is not diminished. The full walkthrough below will help you defeat the DomZ and cope with anything that tries to end Jade’s green-lipsticked life. We also have pages with lists of achievements and trophies.

Table of Contents


  1. Once the opening cutscene ends you’re thrown into action against the invading aliens – the DomZ. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the controls, for now combat is simple. Follow the onscreen prompt in the upper left corner of the screen. Use your combat staff to destroy the surrounding enemies.
  2. The floating aliens are not overly difficult. Use the dodge action to keep from being surrounded. If you are surrounded, change directions while attacking to hit enemies before they can strike you. One hit from Jade’s combat staff will stop an enemy’s attack. Once these DomZ are defeated, you’ll be treated to a short cutscene.
  3. After the cutscene ends, you’ll be surrounded by spikes in a cage. Hold down the attack button until Jade’s combat staff glows red then release. Now that you’re free of the spike cage, you’ll face off against a mini-boss.
  4. Your new pig friend will suggest using the charge attack against the large creature in the center of the arena. That’s the trick to winning; release your charge attack and pummel the eye once it’s at ground level. The mini-boss has a few attacks to look out for. It summons tentacles that will grab Pey’J, and summons two DomZ; solve both problems with a few quick attacks. It’s most dangerous attack is a laser, the creature will rear back and glow blue as it charges. Simply run around to avoid it. Remember, use Jade’s charge attack, and then attack the eye. Repeat the process a few times and you’ll win.
  5. Once the creature goes down, run over and pick up the Pearl left behind by the boss. Alpha Section will drop down into the cave via elevator. You can stick around and talk to the soldier or Pey’J if you want. When you’re ready, run into the light and you’ll be lifted into another cutscene.

Home / Lighthouse 1

  1. After Jade wakes up, you’ll want to grab her camera. Snap a picture of the red beetle flying around the room and you’ll get paid for your effort. Keep an eye out for new animals to take snapshots of throughout the game. Continue taking pictures and you’ll be rewarded with cash. After eight pictures, you’ll be given a special item.
  2. Your first goal is to make enough money to pay your power bill. You’re allowed to wonder around the Lighthouse grounds. There are a few things you’ll want to do here before moving on. To complete your first goal, simply take a picture of one of the human children and goat children wondering around inside.
  3. There are multiple items inside the kitchen on the first floor, first snatch the three health items sitting inside the refrigerator. Kick the stove to find another food pickup. Kick the barrel between the stove and the refrigerator to reveal a fly. Snap a picture of it for cash.
  4. Head upstairs and take a picture of your dog – he’s a big white animal sleeping in an alcove across from the stairs. Open the bathroom door and take the heart-shaped container. It will increase your health gauge by one heart.
  5. Press the button to continue to the roof of the lighthouse. Get a picture of a seagull here or down on the island grounds. While heading back to the ground floor, look inside Jade’s room for another Starkos food item. If you ever get confused at any time, press select to look over your map.
  6. Head outside, by now you should have collected more than enough money to pay the power bill. Once you reach 350 units the bill will be automatically paid and a new mission will become available. Take a picture of the orange field armadillo near the lighthouse entrance or one of the seagulls near the cliffs if you missed them on the roof.
  7. Follow the hovering robot into the Hangar. He’ll be waiting for you opposite the Lighthouse entrance. Once you’re in the Hangar, run downstairs to collect some items. Walk out onto the dock and look into the water, use your camera and try to get a shot of the fish darting around underwater. Now that you’ve taken pictures of eight different animals, you’ll get a zoom lens as a reward for your camera. This will come in handy, try to get it early.
  8. Head back upstairs and follow the robot into Pey’j’s workshop. Grab the Mdisk and access the computer terminal near Pey’j. Keep an eye out for Mdisk Players, they’re scattered around the world and act as save points. Access the Mdisk when you’re ready and watch the cutscene.
  9. Return to the dock and talk to Pey’j, asking him about recharging the hovercraft. He’ll ask you to push a large transformer. Run around the other side and push the transformer toward the hovercraft, Pey’j will help out. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Hovercraft. Once the doors to the hovercraft open, just jump in and drive off.
  10. Now that you’re on open waters, your hovercraft will begin breaking down. Use your compass to find Mammago’s Garage and drive toward it. Sadly, the hovercraft won’t make the trip. After a quick tow, you’ll be in Mammago’s hovercraft Garage.

Mammago Garage 1

  1. Your goal now is to buy a new hovercraft engine. Take pictures of the rhinos, and snap a picture of Pey’j. Enter into the store, you’ll find rows of vending machines that come in two flavors. The first are unit vending machines, these sell healing items and upgrades through your easy-unit card. Just use them and select an item to buy. The other vending machines are larger and sell hovercraft parts in exchange for DomZ Pearls.
  2. Use the hovercraft vending machine near the entrance to get your hands on a new engine. You already have the one Pearl you need, but you’ll have to collect Pearls later to purchase parts.
  3. Once the engine is installed, you’re free to leave.
  4. After leaving, a DomZ Sea Serpent will attack. Chase after it and fire the hovercraft’s gun as fast as you can, boosting your engines to keep up with the monster. Dodge the spike mines it drops or shoot them. Keep shooting the Sea Serpent until all of its sections break off. Destroy the head and you’ll be rewarded with another Pearl.
  5. With that fun out of the way, check your compass and drive toward Black Isle. It’s past the city. Take the canal into the city to witness some damage, then exit out the opposite end and turn right. You’ll see a large island. Drive the hovercraft into the cave entrance to begin the mission.

Black Isle

  1. Dock your hovercraft and run upwards to activate a cutscene. Once it’s over, be aware of the Mdisk player to the right of the hovering stretch limo. Save if you want and head deeper inside Black Isle.
  2. Walk down the first corridor, following the curve into a large room. On the way you might notice another path, ignore that for now. Inside the large room are two floor switches marked with white pointers. Have Jade stand on one and press the partner command button to order Pey’j to stand on the other. Check the prompt in the top right corner of the HUD to see what button your partner is mapped to.
  3. Once you and Pey’j are pressed both buttons simultaneously, the door blocking your path will open. Head through it and into the Ancient Mine. Walk to the far end of the room and talk to Pey’j. You’ll get a cutscene demonstrating his new ability – the rocket jump. A rocket jump sounds useful, but in this case, it functions as a ground pound attack. Walk onto the large scale and stand on top of a flattened panel. Use the partner command and Pey’j will stomp on the opposite panel, giving Jade enough of a boost to reach the next floor. Circle around the walkway until you see two beams with a gear in the middle. Use the action button to turn the gear, this will lower two catwalks.
  4. Use the newly lowered catwalk to cross the gap. Take a picture of the map on the board then move on. The mine is filled with new creatures to take pictures of; anything and everything that moves is considered an animal. First up is an orange fungus. Take a picture, and then order Pey’j to rocket jump. The shockwave will force the center of the fungus to rise, allowing you to launch it toward objects with a quick attack. Get used to this new mechanic – ordering Pey’j to rocket jump, attacking, and lining up the shot with your new reticule. Destroy both piles of explosives by launching the floating fungus. The fungus will always respawn, so don’t worry about practicing.
  5. The right most pile of explosives covers an alcove with a few goodies. Head inside and grab them, then continue onto the cliff wall. You’ll be blocked by a purple fungus, take a picture and swat it until the tendrils retract. It will drops some material crystals; a fancy name for cash dropped by enemies. Each is worth five units.
  6. Continuing on, Pey’j will stop in front of a grating. There’s no way through the metal gratings yet. Instead, turn around and head down the path marked by train tracks and a mine cart loaded with explosives. Push the cart down the tracks toward another raised catwalk. Turn around to find another orange fungus; order Pey’j to use his super action and the orange center will pop right out. Swat the ball into the cart of explosives to lower the walkway and continue.
  7. Past the walkway you’ll face a new enemy. They fly around and behave exactly like the DomZ from your first fight. Just attack them before they charge up. Take a snapshot of the glowing floating dots before leaving the area.
  8. Continue forward to find another mine cart. Push it into the wooden barrier with your companion’s help, and then turn the gear between two beams in the corner – lowering the metal hinge. Use the cart to climb up into the hopper.
  9. You’ll be entering the Secondary Shaft now, and prepare for combat. Jellyfish-like enemies and flying bugs will be your main concern. The Jellies are tame and can be launched like the orange fungus. Just continue down the walkway fighting enemies and taking snapshots of any of the new animals. Ignore the passage to the right, just keep going forward.
  10. At the end of the Shaft you’ll find another set of pressure switches. Stand on both and head through the door into the Ancient Mine again. You’ll be inside a tool shed, with an Mdisk player for saving and a vending machine to purchase new healing items. Kick all three lockers, the locker tucked into the corner contains a new item for Pey’j. Now your pig companion can cut gratings open. Use the companion action to order Pey’j to cut down the grating blocking the room’s exit.
Follow the new path, leading back into the Secondary Shaft. Continue to backtrack into the Main Shaft, past the mine cart and down the catwalk. Order Pey’j to cut through the grating that originally blocked your way. Turn right and press against the wall to inch across the chasm. Run upwards until you reach another cart stuffed with explosives. Push it along the tracks, and then return to the orange fungus you passed along the way. Order Pey’j to use his super action, it works at long range. Attack the floating sac, hitting it towards the visible explosives cart. The ensuing explosion will allow Pey’j to cross the chasm and return to your side. Now with Pey’j across, use his super action on the scales to launch Jade high enough to climb over the wall blocking your path. Jump down and use the hand-print button to open the way for Pey’j. Save at the Mdisk Player if you want to. Order Pey’j to cut down the grating blocking your path to continue deeper into the cave. Before leaving the room, be on the lookout for a rare animal. In the corner Jade used to climb inside, there is a concrete step under a metal power box. Climb onto the concrete step and kick the power box to temporarily shut off the lights. Look up and take a snapshot of the glowing worm-like creature that appears from the ceiling. Down the path previously blocked by a metal grating, you’ll enter into a large open cavern with natural rock paths in the center. You’ll immediately face new enemies, these bug-like creatures can block. To defeat them easily, simply use your companion’s super action and knock them over the ledge. These enemies can also be used as projectiles to strike the purple material crystals out of your reach. There’s a second ambush further down your path. Use the special command and attack to launch a bug into a dual set of standing catwalks to knock them over for a bonus. Otherwise, just keep fighting until the bugs stop coming. Use the gear between two beams on the cliff face to lower a platform. Climb onto the platform and up onto the raised rock platform. Use the vending machine if you need health items, and prepare to face the boss. Three more purple anemones will block your path. Use the companion special action to crush flat the third in your way, and continue into Pterolimax’s arena. Just as you enter the platform pot marked with bright blue holes, look right. Two little creatures will hop up and down out of sight. Zoom in with your camera and take a snapshot while both are raised to complete your mission. Now the real Pterolimax shows himself. This giant lizard has a few methods of attack, but if you keep moving and keep your distance, you’ll be fine. First he’ll pop out of a random hole and lob blobs of goo at you. If you’re in close range when he pops up, he’ll simply spin around in circles. Either way, order Pey’j to use his super command. The super command will stun the boss, allowing you to run in and hit him with a combo. Pterolimax will also summon Jellies and flying monsters, just focus on taking care of them when they appear. When Pterolimax flies out of his hole and begins following you, keep running until he gives up. Keep your healing items ready, and try to take a picture of the boss for some easy units. When the boss is defeated, collect your well-earned pearl and watch the cutscene. You’ll be deposited back at the entrance to the Black Isle. Instead of leaving just yet, head back inside and turn right into a room filled with water. Climb into the duct, collecting the items strewn about as you go. Take a picture of the new animals wondering around, and then order Pey’j to cut the grating. Follow the duct, jump down onto the scaffolding, and collect the PAI to increase your heart gauge by one. When you’re ready, leave the Black Isle and head south back into the City’s Main Canal.

City / Pedestrian District 1

  1. While in the city, check your compass. You’ll find entrances to racing challenges and a place labeled the Pedestrian District. Follow your compass down into a narrow passage jutting from the main canal until you get a loading screen.
  2. The Pedestrian District is a section of the central city allowing Jade to purchase items and explore closed off areas. Your goal for now is the Akuda Bar.
  3. Take note of the many species of animal-people wondering around. You’ll find walrus, goat, cow, and shark creatures inside the Akuda Bar alone. Use your camera for some easy money. You won’t be able to access Fountain Square until you’re given a City-Pass.
  4. Up an incline you’ll find a small store front to your left. He sells magazine subscriptions. Take a picture of this birdman for enough money to easily afford both 50 unit subscriptions.
  5. Follow the path marked by an Alpha Sections’ TV screen broadcasting a speech. Follow this path into the Akuda Bar.
  6. The Akuda bar has a few attractions. There’s a pellet game on the first floor, and Peepers on the second.
  7. Head upstairs to talk with Peepers. He’ll be in a station beyond the numbered hotel rooms. Talk to him and select the secret pass code option. This will initiate a game of Shells. Keep your eye on the ball and look out for his fake-outs. When you succeed he’ll hand over a ticket to Room 03. Move the object around to get a look at the pass code.
  8. Using your newly acquired ticket, use the switch for Room 03 and enter the code. It’s always random. Open your S.A.C. and press info if you need another look at the ticket.
  9. Once you’re inside, press up against the locker located in the back left corner. Use the action button and the wall will spin around, taking you to the IRIS Den. Walk inside for a cutscene.
  10. After the cutscene, you’ll get a City-Pass. Pick up the Mdisk along the computer consoles, and use the Mdisk player for more information on your new mission.
  11. Before leaving, stop to talk with a man moping at the bar. Ask about his problems. He’ll reveal one of the Sharks is hiding something. The Shark sitting in a booth with a woman has a code ticket on the table. Carefully sneak up behind him and position the camera to look at his ticket. The code opens Room 02 upstairs, rewarding you with an easy pearl and a few boosts.
  12. With the City-Pass, leave the Akuda Bar and turn right. Follow the railings and through a passage into Fountain Square. There’s an open air shop selling wares. They will consistently restock with Pearls for 3000 units. Purchase one if you’re low on pearls.
  13. Another store called Ming-Tzu’s shop is now available. Look for the neon sign marking the entrance. Talk to Ming-Tzu to purchase some items. You’ll find some special items here.
  14. There are three unique items that Ming-Tzu sells: the Animal Locater, the Pearl Locater, and the Super-Attack Strengthened. The Animal Locater and Pearl Locater will mark animals and pearls you haven’t taken pictures of/discovered yet. The Super-Attack Strengthened adds a unique ability to Jade’s charge attack. After launching the charge attack, it allows the player to mash the attack button to launch homing attacks on surrounding enemies.
  15. Ming-Tzu also sells Pearls, at the more expensive price of 3999. He’ll receive more as the game continues, so check back if you need an easy pearl.
  16. Many of the doors around the Pedestrian City are locked, marked with colored shapes. These doors block closed sections of the city. You’ll be able to explore these areas once you get the proper keycards.
  17. When you’re done checking out the Pedestrian District, return to your hovercraft and head for Mammago Garage.

Mammago Garage 2

  1. Your new goal is to get inside the Factory. Right now, Alpha Sections security robots protect the entrance. You’ll need a new upgrade from Mammago Garage to defeat them.
  2. Enter the hallway of display cases when you reach Mammago’s. Look for the gun-shaped object listed for 5 pearls. Buying it will give the Hovercraft a lock-on charge shot. Just hold down the shoot button and wait for the reticule to lock onto your target. This long range attack is perfect for the Alpha Section guard bots blocking passage to the Factory.
  3. If you need more Pearls, read the following instructions. If not, make a beeline for the Factory. Use your compass, when heading back through the City’s Main Canal; just hang a left instead of the right to reach the Black Isles.

Vorax’s Lair

  1. To find Vorax’s Lair, check your map while in Hylias. You’ll see red lines blocking off some islands on the Southern section of the map. Look for a spot where the black outline of the eastern continent is open near the southern edge of the map. Follow the sandy beach into a cave to enter Vorax’s Lair.
  2. Vorax’s Lair is an optional location. Optional locations litter the map and more will become available as the games goes on. Vorax’s Lair is one of the first accessible. Expect to always be rewarded with pearls at the end of every optional area, they’re a fun and short way to get the pearls you’ll need throughout Beyond Good & Evil’s story.
  3. Dock the hovercraft and follow the pier up to the grass landing. Take a picture of the frogs and check the locker for a PAI with two boosts.
  4. Use Pey’j to open a corner of the large grating, he’ll comment on something called a Pearl Crochax. It’s just like a normal Crochax, except carrying a pearl. Follow it and you’ll be ambushed by more large bipedal bugs. Use Pey’j to knock them up and launch them at the raised walkway to knock it down.
  5. Follow the walkway onto another stone platform. Jellies will attack with mutant spores. Don’t let them surround you, and send them flying with your companion’s super action.
  6. Once the combat is over, use the companion super action to bounce the orange bag upwards. Attack it to knock down both walkways. Follow the left hand walkway, using your companion again to launch another fungus explosive at the raised walkway across the chasm.
  7. Turn around and follow the rightmost path, leaping and climbing while fighting a few more Crochax. At the end of the road, you’ll face the Pearl Crochax. Defeat it and you’re done. Trace your steps back to the hovercraft.


  1. Hit select to look over your current objectives. The Factory is the next important location, located in the northwestern corner of the map, down a long straight body of water.
  2. With the new cannon bought from Mammago’s, charge up a shot to take down the guard robot. Now that the robot is disabled, head straight through the large square entrance.
  3. Dock alongside the pipes. You’ll need to climb into a circular drain marked by a foot ladder. Whenever a wall is marked with a foot ladder, know it can be climbed.
  4. You’ll be blocked by a locked red console projecting a bar code. Take a picture of the bright red monitor. The Governor will send you a message with the console pass code. Every pass code in the game is random, so check your mail as it arrives.

Elevator Room

  1. Through the locked door you’ll enter the Elevator Room. Right away you’ll face a grate. You know the drill, order Pey’j to cut through. This time you’ll also need to kick the grate to open it.
  2. The path to your left is blocked with an electric gate. Go left instead, dodging forward to leap over the red lasers and sneaking to duck under them. Press the handprint button to turn the red lasers off, allowing Pey’j through.
  3. Past the lasers, you’ll be in another room with an exit blocked by an electric gate. There’s a large wooden box off to the side of a trough. Push the box into the trough, then towards the electric gate with Pey’j helping. Climb onto the box and leap down to get over the gate.
Now you’re inside the Elevator Room. This is a hub for this section of the factory. The elevator itself needs repairs – its machinery is busted, it has no power, and it needs a fuse box. The first step to fixing the elevator is using Pey’j near the pile of destroyed machinery on the left hand side of the elevator doors. You’ll get a quick cutscene as he fixes the mess. Next, continue right until you reach a door labeled “Laboratory”. Open it and head inside. Inside the West Wing you’ll find a passage and a button for the Service Elevator. Ignore the Service Elevator for now and follow the passage into the Laboratory. The Laboratory is a cold storage area, secured by another electric gate. Push the large light-bulb shaped columns into the slots next to both electric gate generators. The electricity will arc into the columns safely, allowing you entrance into the back room. Kick your way past the rats to open the locker in the back of the room for another easy pearl. Also, you’ll find a rare fly sitting on the nose of the rotting cow in the middle of the room. Look closely, he’s there. Return to the West Wing and hit the Service Elevator button. The elevator doors will open with a mob of little enemies. Fight defensively here, swatting at the enemies as they fling themselves at you. Open the S.A.C. menu to pass Starkos food items to Pey’j if he’s low on health. Once the enemies are dealt with, Jade should stand inside the elevator and order Pey’j to press the button. You’ll have to separate from Pey’j for now. Cross the metal walkway and approach another electric gate. A new robotic enemy will ambush you, this one with a powerful laser. Jade won’t be able to destroy it with her staff. Instead, position yourself so your attacks send the Guardian into the electric gate. Both the Guardian and the electric gate will short out. Through the door you’ll find Double H stuck inside a DomZ pod. Take a snapshot to send to the Governor. With this evidence, she’ll provide you with another code. Now take a picture of the coded monitor attached to a locker in the corner. The Governor will send you a message with the code to unlock it. Open it for a new item. Jade now has the Gyrodisk Launcher. Aim at the DomZ creature above Double H in the pod and shoot it a few times to free him. Now that Double H is free, he’ll be your companion. Look at the barred grill along the back wall of the room and order him to use his companion action. He’ll charge straight through it, opening the way. Follow Double H into the pipe-filled maintenance shaft. You’ll need to shimmy along the wall and jump across a barrier to reach the other end of the room. Use the precariously placed Mdisk player to save and then shimmy into the narrow corner filled with pipes opposite the Mdisk player. You’ll be returned to the Elevator room with the right tool for the job. Pey’j is waiting for you. The Reaper is waiting for you as well. After a cutscene, you’ll be facing another boss. The Reaper attacks in a few different ways, mostly by launching green balls of slime at you or generating a ring of green balls around himself. First, he’ll try to eat Pey’j. Attack the Reaper to send him leaping around the room. Follow him with your camera and dodge any incoming green pellets. Shoot him with your new gyrodisk launcher when you have the opportunity. After being shot, he’ll leap into the air and try to stomp on you from above. Just keep running away from him to dodge his attack. Next he’ll launch green slime if you’re far away or generate a ring of slime if you’re close. Either way, try to take a shot at him with the gyrodisk launcher. He’ll cower and use Pey’j as a human (Pig?) shield. Now, instead of firing disks, just hit the Reaper with a combo from Jade’s staff. Fight the Reaper until he stops in the center of the tri-angled walkways. Give him one last swipe of your staff to win the battle. You still have an elevator to fix. Stand in front of the active electricity gate on the right side of the room. Look up and you’ll see the broken electrical cable. Fire a gyrodisk at the hanging un-powered cable to drop it close to the electricity gate. Electricity will arc into the cable, restoring power to the elevator. Now the fuse box is left. Run to the left side of the run and enter the door labeled “Electrical Closet”. You’ll face swinging cables arcing electricity. Watch their swinging motion to dodge and continue into the closet. At the far end of the hallway you’ll find a smaller room with a vending machine. Above the vending machine is a broken fan blade. Shoot the long blade to spin it around and face the door switch, returning power to the door. Head through the door and into a large room featuring a power generator in the center. Run behind the generator to grab the Triangle Keycard. A little robot will wake up, and it’s susceptible to the ground-pound/launch combo. Destroy it and use the keycard on the front of the generator. After swiping the triangle card, a metal shutter will open revealing a new bunch of robots. Try to knock one of the bots into the electric gate to disable it and grab the PAI item inside. Once all the robots are dead, collect both fuse boxes along the outline of the generator. Return to the Elevator Room and insert the fuse box into the slot right of its doors. Finally, the elevator will come to life. Call it down and ride it up into the Upper Hall.

Upper Hall

  1. The elevator lifts Jade and Pey’j into the Upper Hall. Cross over into the next room and clear out the robot ambush.
  2. A large wooden door blocks your way, so instead climb the platforms set along the corner of a metallic vat. Walk along to reach a vent. Kick the grating off to climb inside.
  3. Jade now finds herself above X-Ray Verification. Run along the path, continuing into a closed off area.
  4. Jump down onto another pipe and keep your distance from the bars to take a picture of an albino rat. Climb back up and continue down the original path to reach the Loading Dock.
  5. The Loading Dock is sparse, kick the grating blocking your path to find you’re stuck. With nowhere else to go, turn back around and head back to the Upper Hall.
  6. While returning to the Upper Hall, you’ll get a cutscene. Pey’j has been caught. Climb back down to floor level and you’ll see a push-able crate.
  7. Push the crate against the wooden door and climb up. Use your camera to look through the slit and fire a gyrodisk at the button on the right wall. The door will open, giving Jade access to another Mdisk player.
  8. The path forward is blocked by yet another laser gate. Kick the grating just left of the gate to bypass it and enter the Shipping Room.
  9. Continue forward, climbing into the narrow passage to speak with Double H. He’ll warn you about being caught. This is when a new mechanic is introduced to the game – sneaking. From this point on, any encounter with the Alpha Sections will require stealth.
  10. Crawl through the vent, the Alpha Sections can’t reach you yet, so just keep moving.
  11. You’ll exit the vent into a sewer-like area filled with flies. Shimmy along the ledge, and then stay low. Alpha Sections are ahead.
  12. Two enemies stand guard in this room. Take note of the two pit entrances in the corner. If you’re ever caught, run and hide inside these pits. Most of the rooms ahead will have these pits, so take note of their locations if you’re caught.
  13. A few notes on stealth in Beyond Good & Evil. Alpha Sections go on alert if they hear a noise – such as running or gyrodisk shots. They also go on alert if they see you. Watch the glowing beam of light emanating from their helmets; it indicates where they’re looking and what stage of alertness they’re at. Green is good, purple they’ve heard a noise and search, red is combat. You’ll learn more about stealth as the game continues. For now, avoid being seen and stick to the shadows.
  14. Most rooms containing guards will be closed off with special laser fences that only activate on red alerts. These fences will always block your path, so if you’re caught simply run away and hide until the alert is called off. If a guard becomes suspicious they won’t activate.
  15. Before sneaking past the guards, watch the large monitor above the conveyor belt. It will flash X-Ray images of the humans being trafficked. Take a picture.
  16. Both of the guards in this room don’t move. Stay low and sneak by. As long as you sneak and don’t touch them, you’ll be fine.
  17. Cross the door and turn left. Two more guards ahead, one walks up and down along the waist high barrier while the other stands still. Sneak by using the barrier’s shadow as cover.
  18. The next door opens into a hallway. One guard patrols up and down, with little cover. Wait for him to turn around and peg his green air tank with a gyrodisk. One stealth hit to the air tank will disable the Alpha Sections, with one more hit to finish them off.
  19. Double H is having some trouble with the flames ahead. Shoot the hand-print buttons under each flame jet to shut them off. Hit them in order, from first to third to allow Double H across safely. You’ll still be separated, so order Double H to act. He’ll press the button in his booth, shutting down the red laser barrier.
  20. Another Alpha Section Guard is standing still down your path. Instead of walking in front of him, climb up the steps and onto the glass structure above him. Hop down from the ledge to bypass the Guard, or finish him off.
  21. Continuing on, duck down before hanging a left. Two guards are patrolling the doorway to an offshoot room. Sneak by them, using the waist-high barrier’s shadow as cover, or try to take them out.
You’re finally returning to X-Ray Verification. A large conveyer belt is moving crates to the left, with red lasers to the right. Shut down the lasers to backtrack to the Upper Hall and the Mdisk player, if you want to save. Otherwise, use the moving crates as cover to block a watching guard’s vision. Instead of rushing forward, hang a right into a passageway before moving beyond the huge X-Ray machine. Climb down the boxes and kick past the rats in the closet. The right path leads to a vending machine, use the left path to reach the Nutripils Vat. The namesake Vat is straight ahead. Sneak along the right side of the vat to press a button, activating a turning gear. The guard blocking your path will come investigate. Sneak around the opposite end to bypass him. Next is another room surrounded by conveyor belts and electricity gates. Use the hand print button to get an Mdisk. Use your Triangle Keycard to open the locker. You’ll find the rocket boots belonging to Pey’j. If you haven’t already, take a picture of the map hung on the right wall. Continue into the anteroom and approach the electric gate. Two Guardian robots will ambush Jade. Use both of them to short circuit the electric gates. The gate in the previous conveyor room guards an Mdisk player and another Mdisk. Return to the Nutripils Vat from the Computer Room and head into Routing. Ignore the keycard door and the red lights; just navigate the blue laser barriers. Leap and crawl under until you’re faced with another closed door. Press the hand-print button before stepping onto the metal bridge. The button activates two laser barriers and opens the door. You’ll have limited time to cross. Use your dodge to leap under the closing door. Stay low as you sneak past the new blue barrier. Wait for the guard on the upper platform to turn around before sneaking into the vent marked with inactivated red laser barriers. Head through the vent until you emerge behind the platform. Climb on up. Go ahead and try to disable the guard if you’re brave, or just sneak onto the elevator. Next up is two Alpha Sections circling a barrier. Wait for both to face away before slowly following one of them. Stick to the shadows and stay low, you’ll get by these two easily. Through the door and into another large conveyor filled room, with multiple Alpha Sections looking in different directions. Stay low and follow the Nutripils crate along its conveyor path, use it as cover. When the crate stops, jump and hang off the side as it’s lifted by a crane. You’ll drop down onto another conveyor belt, safely away from this confusing room. Now you’re in the Control Room. Use the Mdisk player and shimmy along the ledge. You’ll get an ugly look at the Alpha Sections without their masks on. When Jade is back on flat land, you’ll be facing an electric barrier hanging from the ceiling. Shoot a gyrodisk at the button in the center of the contraption on the ceiling to send a platform to your side of the chasm. Stand on the platform and shoot the same button again for the platform to cross over. Just remember to duck. Crawl into another room featuring a strange metal device in the center. A single guard watches the exit. He turns left, right, and center. Wait for him to look away, and then kick him in the air tank. Just ahead you’ll run into moving blue barriers. Leap over the low barriers, run under the high barriers. Take your time and it’ll be a snap. Double H will remind you to take a picture of the helmet-less Alpha Section in the control room across from your vantage. Get a mug shot to publish your findings. Stay hidden in the shadows below the railings of the next room. Two guards patrol back and forth. Just wait for them to turn around and walk toward the exit. Follow in between them to get by unnoticed. A single guard circles the next room. Hide in the shadows, wait for him to face away in his patrol, and hit his air tank with a gyrodisk. Stay low as you cross into the next guarded area. Two enemies patrol the mess of machinery. Take your time and stick to the shadows to succeed here. You need to access a locker located in the opposite corner from where Jade first entered. The Purple Square Keycard will allow Jade to shut down the red laser barrier. Run past the deactivated barrier to return to Routing. Directly forward is another Purple Square Door. Use your keycard and you’ll return to X-Ray Verification. Take out the pesky guard leaving his air tank exposed. Shut down the laser barrier, and look at the door the Alpha Section was guarding. Take a picture of the coded monitor and enter the code. Finally, you’ve made it back to the Loading Dock. Raise your camera to activate a cutscene in the Loading Dock. Jade now must face a DomZ boss. The creature inside the center cage is your target, but he’s stuck inside for now. This boss has two attacks, a foot stomp and a laser fired from his center mass. Focus on attacking his legs for now until Double H show up to help. When Double H arrives, you’ll be able to damage the boss. Fight whichever leg Double H isn’t, you’ll need to attack his legs simultaneously. Begin a combo, dodging to avoid his foot stomp, and then order Double H to attack. If both legs are raised at the same time, the creature will fall and the center cages will swing open. Shoot the floating DomZ eye with your gyrodisk. Continue these steps until the boss is defeated. Pick up the DomZ pearl on your way out, using the newly smashed electric gate to leave. Enter the elevator with Double H to return to the West Wing. Jump off the platform into the room below, Double H will help lead you back to the Elevator Room. Check your map; it’s time to get back to your hovercraft parked in the Factory Entrance. Back at the Factory Entrance, you’ll see your exit blocked. Fight the flying animals and order Double H to knock out the metal grating just past the Crochax attack. Use your spare fuse box on the sparking device in the center of the room. The door blocking your exit will rise. After a short cutscene, you’ll need to hurry back to the Isis Den in the Pedestrian District. Just run back to your hovercraft, waiting for Double H to follow. Don’t let him get stuck here, take your time. You might only have 4:30 to get back to the Isis Den, but the time limit is forgiving. Instead of leaving immediately, follow the secon
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