Beyond Skyrim - Bruma Region is out July 1st

By FileTrekker 6 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

You may have heard of Beyond Skyrim, a plan to expand the realm of the game into Cyrodiil, the main location of Oblivion. The first area is almost ready,  and a new trailer has been released this past week, as well as the mod's release date, July 1st.

Players will be able to travel to the expansive, snow-covered city in the mod, which includes a raft of new quests to take part in, complete with 24,000 new lines of dialogue, and 3 hours of brand new music to accompany the experience.


There's also brand new items to find, including new weapons, spells and armor. The team reckon the new content is about 1.5x that which the official Dragonborn DLC added to the game.

This is definitely a must-have mod for any Elder Scrolls fans, and a significant amount of time and effort has gone into the mod. Hopefully we won't be waiting too long to see more areas of Tamriel come to the game in the future.

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