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Beyond: Two Souls has released on Epic Games Store

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We reported previously about the release of Heavy Rain on the Epic Games store, after being a PlayStation exclusive for the best part of a decade - now, Beyond: Two Souls, another interactive drama game from Quantic Dreams, has also released on the store.

Much like Heavy Rain, it released originally as a PlayStation exclusive back in 2013, and also released for PS4 back in November 2015. It features Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page among it's voice cast alumni, and sees players embark on a thrilling journey across the world as they live out the life of Jodie Holms, in an epic psychological thriller.

The game looks especially great on PC, although it's PS4 port no doubt helped - you would be forgiven for thinking this game isn't six years old. As you'd expect, the PC port, much like Heavy Rain, supports 4K resolutions and 60fps, which is nice.

It's available now for just $20 on the Epic Games Store, and much like Heavy Rain, comes with a free demo you can play, too.


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