Biggest Steam Revenue Generators of 2016

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Published by Serio 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

It's rare for Steam to share sales numbers - indeed, developers aren't always allowed to tell people what cut Steam takes, making the workings of the industry giant somewhat of a mystery - so a chunk of people were surprised to see the Steam store release a list of the top hundred games with the most gross revenue in 2016.

The revelation is the conclusion of a week long sales event, involving hundreds of developers and several hundred different titles at various discounts - bundled in with a community event to hand out awards to developers and games alike.

This list is, as mentioned, categorized by gross revenue. It's not necessarily very accurate in terms of sales number, but it does reveal what game made the most cash. There are some very interesting entries.

For instance, in the Platinum category, we find Psyonix's popular soc-car game, Rocket League. This indicates it has earned almost as much as big sellers such as Dark Souls III, or Total War: Warhammer. You also have CDProjekt's The Witcher III sitting in the Platinum tier, and Valve's own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In spite of its immense acclaim, id Software's DOOM only lands in the Gold tier. I personally don't think this is indicative of poor sales. Rather, DOOM has been subject to far more discounts than games like Fallout 4 or The Witcher III. It also hasn't been out for as long as some of the titles in the Platinum tier.

Now, for a bit of personal hype, I'm very happy to see Paradox Interactive's Stellaris having landed itself in the Gold tier. Additionally, they've also managed to get Cities: Skylines, Hearts of Iron IV, and Europa Universalis IV into the Bronze tier, hinting at a very profitable year for the Swedish developer.

You can check out the full list of games by clicking here. Also, let us know in the comments if there were any titles that personally surprised you.

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