Bioshock Infinite: Infusion Upgrades Locations Guide

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Posted on March 25, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Bioshock Infinite: Infusion Upgrades Locations Guide

Scattered around Columbia you’ll be able to find special bottles called infusions that’re used to upgrade your stats in Bioshock Infinite. Each infusion bottle provides a permanent boost to your health or salts, but we’ll leave their use up to you — all that matters is finding as many of these helpful items as possible. Getting the upgrades will make future battles much easier, so check out our locations guide below.

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Infusion Upgrades Locations Guide

Comstock Center Rooftops Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: The first infusion upgrade is acquired automatically.
  • Infusion #2: The next upgrade will be found inside a strange chapel where a mural of George Washington is located. After dealing with enemies inside, look on the central altar.
  • Infusion #3: Underneath the upgrade, you’ll be able to collect a key. Grab it, then return to the large house through the balcony you visited previously in the area. Take the stairs down and check out the smaller bedroom. Use the key to open the chest inside, and voila! Another upgrade is your’s for the taking.

Monument Island Gateway Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Riding the sky-line system for the first time, you’ll be attacked by enemies on a balcony to the right as you ride. Jump off the lines to the balcony and take out both enemies, then explore the room through the doors to find an upgrade.

Monument Tower Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Continuing through the tower, this upgrade can be found in the large room with tesla coils in the center. As you enter, there’s a desk with a voxophone sitting on the surface. Look behind the desk to find this upgrade.

Battleship Bay Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: After the ambush, continue down the hall and look on the desk inside the office behind the ticket counters.

Soldier’s Field Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: In the first large room with the animatronics in the center of the room, look left for a ticket booth. There’s a locked door nearby that requires lockpicks, which can be found in the room. The infusion is on a desk inside.
  • Infusion #2: After encountering the soldiers protecting the causeway outside the Hall of Heroes, you’ll find a restaurant filled with dead Vox. In one of the backrooms, you can find a Vox message with a picture on the floor. The picture shows you where the codebook is located — inside the barrel of the cannon in the building across the street. Get the codebook, return to the message so Elizabeth deciphers it, then reveal the secret room by interacting with the hatstand.

Hall of Heroes Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Inside the hall with a massive statue of Comstock with more statues to the left and right that have been defaced by Vox, there’s a room to the right with the upgrade inside.

Hall of Heroes Gift Shop Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Returning to the large marble exterior plaza where Slate sends soldiers to fight you, he’ll eventually hit the generator on the lower right with a shock jock attack. When the door is opened, look inside for a voxophone on a worktable. Jump onto the worktable and look down at the toolbox to find a well-hidden upgrade.

Return to Hall of Heroes Plaza Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Found inside the First Lady’s Airship.

Port Franklin Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: In the area where you rescue Elizabeth, inside Fort Franklin, you’ll have a handful of enemies to deal with. Drop down and look for red doors leading into a jail. The bottle is just in reach through the bars.

Finkton Proper Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Before going downstairs to break into the lower floors of the Induction Center, look for a locked door leading into an office. It’ll take 5 lockpicks to get inside.

The Good Time Club Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: From the bottom floor of the club, look for a bar in the back corner with a vending machine nearby.

Plaza of Zeal Revisited Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Inside the Good Time Club, you’ll need to find a codebook. It is located in the basement of the club, you’ll enter a room full of Vox contraband and clocks. If you look carefully, you’ll find the codebook. On the way back to the wartorn Plaza of Zeal, look inside the locked room so Elizabeth can decrypt a Vox message. The clock will light up nearby. Interact with it to find the infusion bottle inside.

Shantytown Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: This dangerous bottle is found to the left just as you arrive by elevator. Be aware, the moment you step into the area with the two men working, they’ll attack.

The Bull House Impound Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: To the left after climbing the stairs inside the police offices, you’ll find a locked door to an armory. Crack the lock open to collect this.
  • Infusion #2: In the larger office on the second floor, there’s an optional quest chest. To open it, collect the key in the Shantytown Bar basement.

The Factory Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: After defeating Daisy, the doors to the First Lady will open. Before continuing down the hall, look through the doors right to the left.

Port Prosperity Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: Entering the large interior building, look left for a locked door leading into an office.
  • Infusion #2: Near the end of the depot building, look for a locked Founder’s Books before going through the turnstiles. In the lower floor there’s a voxophone that reveals a secret room in the Salty Oyster Bar. Backtrack to the locked bar back through the very large room and down the steps. The button is under the cash register.

Downtown Emporia Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: After attempting to gain access to Comstock House, you’ll need to go to the cemetary, then look for three tears throughout Emporia. The first can be found in Laboratory Lutece, in the second floor bedroom.
  • Infusion #2: Another infusion can be found inside the Bank of the Prophet, but it requires a codebook. Look for a shop marked in blood called Hudson’s in the Market District, with a locked door. The message can be found down the left hallway through the main hall of the bank, just left of the locked vault.
  • Infusion #3: The final infusion bottle can be found in another locked storefront in the Market District near Hudson’s.

Comstock House Infusion Upgrades Locations

  • Infusion #1: The final infusion upgrade can be found in the locked offer on the second floor, between the stairwells leading to the switches that shut down the siphons. Once Elizabeth is rescued, don’t forget to break into the office to collect this last ugrade.

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