Bioshock Infinite: Side-quest Chests & Vox Messages Locations Guide

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Posted on March 28, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Bioshock Infinite: Side-quest Chests & Vox Messages Locations Guide

Side-quests are a new addition to Bioshock Infinite, and it’s not always obvious how to solve these hidden puzzles. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to decipher the mystery messages, how to unlock secret doors, and where to locate hidden keys.

Each side-quest completed will reward Booker with a handful of useful supplies like health and ammo, but the infusion upgrades are the real prizes. You’ll also get your hands on several hidden voxophones that reveal more of the city’s backstory.

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Side-quest Chests & Vox Messages Locations Guide

Commstock Center RooftopsChest #1:

  • Travelling across the rooftops, you’ll eventually reach skylights. Shoot out the lights to jump down into the bedroom below, then take the stairs down to find a smaller bedroom.
  • The quest chest is inside the bedroom, with a voxophone nearby. The key is found inside the Fraternal Order of the Raven, in the strange ceremony room where hooded men are gathered. Take the key from the altar and backtrack to crack open the safe.
  • For your troubles, you’ll be rewarded with an Infusion Upgrade.

Soldier’s FieldVox Message #1:

  • Coded messages left behind by the Vox Populii will reveal hidden caches of items, if you’re willing to search for the code books.
  • The first message can be found on the way to the Hall of Heroes, before riding the sky-line up to the museum. In the plaza, you’ll find a bar to the left and another large building to the right with a cannon inside.
  • Grab the code book from the cannon’s barrel, then enter The Fellow Traveler. Look in one of the backrooms for a red message. Get close and Elizabeth will decipher the message with the code book.
  • It reveals that you’ll need to interact with a hatstand to get into a secret room. Move into the last backroom down the hall to find the stand. Interacting with it will open a secret path where you’ll find an infusion upgrade with a voxophone, among other supplies.

Plaza of ZealVox Message #2:

  • Just as Booker and Elizabeth enter the Plaza, turn right and look in a dock open to the sky for a locked door. With three lockpicks, the door will open and reveal another cipher.
  • It’ll be awhile before finding the code book. Continue with the campaign until you arrive in the Good Time Club. Inside the first basement, you’ll enter a room full of Vox contraband. Just as you enter, look in the right corner for the code book.
  • Returning to the Plaza, be sure to stop by the message. Elizabeth will reveal that you’ll need to interact with a clock. The clock is just to the right of the message, use it to reveal a voxophone and an infusion upgrade.

The Bull House ImpoundChest #2:

  • Just as you arrive in Shantytown, go straight to the Graveyard Shift Bar. Down in the basement, you can find a quest key that’ll open the chest in the Bull House.
  • Once you’re in the Bull House Impound, climb the stairs to the second floor and enter the larger offices. In the back corner you’ll find the chest with a voxophone and an infusion upgrade inside.

EmporiaSecret Room #1:

  • Passing through Port Prosperity, you’ll find a locked building called the Salty Oyster Bar. Crack open the lock and look underneath the cash register. Make note of the button.
  • Continuing forward through the large open room where you’ll have to deal with heavy hitters, you’ll reach a hallway protected by snipers. Check left down this path to find a locked bookstore.
  • Explore the lower floors to find a voxophone. It will reveal a secret button in the Salty Oyster Bar. Return to the bar and hit the button noted above to open the door.
  • You’ll be rewarded with a voxophone, an infusion upgrade, and a new Vigor.

Bank of the ProphetVox Message #3:

  • The cipher can be found inside the main hall of the bank, down the hallway left of the locked vault. Down the path, you’ll discover the message.
  • The code book can be found in the Market District. Look for a shop called “Hudson’s” and check the basement to find the item. Bringing the book to the message will allow Booker to interact with a typewriter.
  • With the hidden storage open, collect the infusion upgrade and the voxophone.

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