Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough

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Posted on March 22, 2013, GameFront Staff Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough

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Welcome to the walkthrough for Bioshock Infinite, where we’ll guide you through the dangerous city of Columbia. You play as a Pinkerton agent sent to rescue a mysterious girl named Elizabeth, but there’s one big catch — the city flies, and its filled with monstrous steampunk maniacs. We’ll show you how to survive titanic encounters against these heavy hitters, tips for vigors, and what upgrades you’ll want. There are so many options in Bioshock Infinite, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Get more information on this gonzo FPS with the Bioshock Infinite achievements and trophies. If you’re into secrets, collectibles, unlockables and more check out our compendium of extras on the Bioshock Infinite cheats page.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Lighthouse Chapter 2: Welcome Center Chapter 3: Raffle Square Chapter 4: Comstock Center Rooftops Chapter 5: Monument Island Gateway Chapter 6: Monument Tower Chapter 7: Battleship Bay Chapter 8: Soldier’s Field Chapter 9: Hall of Heroes Chapter 10: Return to the Hall of Heroes Plaza Chapter 11: Finkton Docks Chapter 12: Finkton Proper Chapter 13: The Good Time Club Chapter 14: Return to the Plaza of Zeal Chapter 15: Shantytown Chapter 16: The Bull House Impound Chapter 17: The Factory Chapter 18: Emporia Chapter 19: Downtown Emporia Chapter 20: Bank of the Prophet Chapter 21: Comstock House Chapter 22: The Hand of the Prophet Chapter 23: Engineering Deck
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