BioWare confirms a new Mass Effect is in development

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Mass Effect players have been longing for a return for the series for many years now, and are no doubt rejoicing at the news that a new entry in the series is officially in development, along with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the long-rumored remaster of the original trilogy.

According to BioWare, a "veteran team" is hard at work on the "next chapter" of the Mass Effect series, and while the project is apparently in the early stages, the company is looking forward to sharing more in the future. This suggests we're a good few years out, at least, from seeing the result, but it's nice to know it's happening.

There have been rumors of a new mass effect since last year, compounded with further rumors of a remaster for the original game - and as it turns out - both appear to be true. 

The remake of the original Mass Effect is not a from-scratch rebuild, but will be a "modernized" experience, allowing players to experience the original in the "best possible form" - so I imagine, as with BioShock, there'll be some updates, compatibility fixes, and generally enhanced textures and graphical effects, all baked onto the original engine.

It'll include all the content from the first 3 Mass Effect games, plus the DLC, and is arriving in the Spring of next year.

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