Black Mesa's Xen has been pushed back until December

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

We reported back in November last year that Black Mesa, the 12 year old project to update Half-Life 1, was finally nearing it's final hurdle, adding Xen to the game. Unfortunately that deadline has now been pushed back until December of this year.

The story of the development of the game has been a rocky one - the developers behind the game, Crowbar Collective, have been trying to add Xen to the game for the majority of that 12 year development cycle, although the game has gone through many engine updates and changes, this is the one element that has always been missing - the rest of the levels being playable for many many years now.

So why is Xen so difficult to do?

Most if this comes down problems with lighting and the rather trippy environment that Xen presents. The rest of the game, set in the Black Mesa facility, is fairly repetitive and closed in, Xen is an alien world that requires much more attention and development time. Regardless, the time spent getting this to work has been incredibly long.

While the delay to December is no doubt disappointing for many, a consolation prize has been afforded in the form of some new screenshots showing off Xen in all it's glory.

Are you still looking forward to the new update to Black Mesa? Let us know below!

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