Black Ops 2: How to Unlock the Best Possible Ending [Video]

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 6 years ago , last updated 2 months ago

Black Ops 2 changes the game with a variety of choices available to players throughout the campaign, leading to changes large and small. These changes inevitably lead to a variety of different endings, but here we’re only interested in the best possible ending available.

If you want to get the ‘good’ ending, follow our tips below and make all the right choices — but if you’re looking for something a little less than the best, check out our full Black Ops 2 Endings Guide. Otherwise, keep scrolling to find out how to mostly save the world.

Be warned! There are major plot spoilers ahead.

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How to Unlock the Best Possible Ending

This is a work-in-progress. Keep checking back as we add new updates.

  • Major Decisions: Save Woods / Save Karma / Spare Menendez

Story Mission Prerequisites:

Note: To unlock the best ending, you’ll need to accomplish the goals below before making the final choice.

  • Pyrrhic Victory: Successfully rescue Woods.
  • Celerium: Recover the Celerium Worm.
  • Old Wounds: Interrogate Kravchenko to learn about the CIA mole.
  • Time and Fate: Find all the intel to learn about CIA mole
  • Fallen Angel: Find Zhao’s secret meeting intel / Harper successfully protected
  • Karma: Save Karma / DeFalco dies
  • Suffer With Me: Menendez is unable to manipulate Woods
  • Achilles’ Veil: Keep Farid alive / SDC allies with US military forces (Strike Force Complete)
  • Odysseus: Save Admiral Briggs / SDC protects the USS Obama with Drones / USS Obama survives long enough for SDC reinforcements / Karma & the USS Obama survive the attack
  • Cordis Die: Save the President
  • Judgement Day: Capture Menendez

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