Black Ops 2: Origins – How to Build All 4 Ultimate Staffs

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Don’t just build the Elemental Staffs — make them ultimate! The last add-on for Black Ops 2 includes its final zombies map Origins, and the Easter eggs are only getting harder.

There are four Elemental Staffs players can wield, but if you’re willing to solve four painful puzzles, these weapons can be made even more powerful. See how to get the upgraded staffs and complete another part of the “Lost Little Girl” Easter egg with the guide below.

If you’re looking for more help with the Apocalypse DLC, check out the Black Ops 2: Origins cheats page for achievement guides and Easter eggs. Or, get help starting out with our Origins beginner’s walkthrough.

How to Unlock All 4 Ultimate Staffs


  • Each Ultimate Staff has two puzzles to solve; one in the “Crazy” dimension through the elemental tunnels, and another somewhere around the map. Don’t know how to enter the “Crazy” place? Check out the Elemental Staff guide linked above.

  • Solve both puzzles for each Elemental Staff, then return to the secret area under the Excavation Site. Align the large stone discs so the appropriate elemental color aligns, and a crystal will appear. Shoot the crystal with the matching staff.

  • Once all eight (8) puzzles are solved and the crystals have been charged, return to the “Crazy” place and insert the Elemental Staffs onto the four pedestals. To complete the upgrade, kill zombies near the staffs to charge them with souls.

  • Below, we’ll go over how to solve all eight (8) puzzles, two (2) for each Ultimate staff.

Ultimate Staff of Fire Puzzle Solutions

Fire “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

  • Enter the Fire portal with the Fire Staff and kill zombies near the four large pots in the area. Kill zombies near the pots until a fire erupts inside, indicating that you have killed enough zombies.

  • Do the same for all four pots, then return to the regular map. If you’ve completed the challenge correctly, Samantha will give your team a new message.

Origins Fire Staff Puzzle Solution

  • Look in the church for a row of torches with numbers. The numbers on the torches follow a Ternary (base 3) number system.

  • Follow the numbers from right to left and light these corresponding torches with the Fire Staff; 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4.

  • Get the code right, and Samantha will chime in again.

Ultimate Staff of Ice Puzzle Solutions

Ice “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

  • This time, you’ll have to match strange patterns that appear on the wall with stone slabs on the ceiling. Currently, how the stone slab markings and the dot patterns align is unknown.

  • When a symbol appears, players can test every slab until they find the correct match. You’ll need to match up five (5) symbols in a row to complete this challenge.

  • Choosing an incorrect symbol will reset the challenge.

Origins Ice Staff Puzzle Solution

  • Look for three (3) burning fires around the top of the Excavation Site. Put out the three fires quickly with the Ice Staff.

  • Next, search the borders of the trenches for tombstones spouting water. They appear in random places — freeze them with the ice staff, then have a friend shatter them with a bullet.

Ultimate Staff of Wind Puzzle Solutions

Wind “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

[Wind Puzzle Solution image by Drkdragonz66]

  • Use the Wind Staff to move the rings with symbols to correctly line up on the ceiling. These numbers and symbols match the symbols that appear in the Ice puzzle.

  • The clue to solving the puzzle is at the base of the wind portal.

Origins Wind Staff Puzzle Solution

  • Another search — find three smokestacks around the trenches. Use the Wind Staff to blow the smoke toward the Excavation Site to complete this challenge. Samantha’s voice will confirm if done correctly.

Ultimate Staff of Lightning Puzzle Solutions

Lightning “Crazy” Place Puzzle Solution

  • Look in the purple lightning corner. The triangles are arranged like a keyboard, with notes labeled on the left. These notes always stay the same. To complete the challenge, shoot the indicated keys with the Lightning Staff.

  • Follow the code, counting the keys from left to right. The first key (lower) is 1, the first key (upper) is 2. Think of it like this:

    • -2-4—7-9-11

  • Follow the three sequences:

    • #1: 10, 1, 5
    • #2: 5, 8, 12
    • #3: 6, 10, 3

Origins Lightning Staff Puzzle Solution

  • Travel around the map and find all 8 sparking electricity panels. Use the panels to turn a dial until the panels stop shooting sparks. Do it for all 8 and Samantha will chime in.
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