Black Ops 5 may have single player and release in 2020

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Reports are coming via Kotaku that Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 will be releasing in 2020, will include a single player campaign, and will be developed by Treyarch.

The 2020 Call of Duty title was previously being lead by two studios, Raven and Sledgehammer, and was apparently to be set in the cold war era - now it seems Treyarch are taking over creative leadership on the project, although Raven along with Sledgehammer will serve as supporting studios, with the title being revamped into a single player focused experience.

It seems this has stemmed from feedback over Black Ops 4 lacking a single player campaign, which will be welcome news to fans of the series. What may be less welcome, however, is the rumour that the game will be heavily based on the free-to-play model. 

Internally, Activision executives have started to talk about embracing free-to-play as a revenue model—once anathema to the publisher—and, three sources say, are looking into offering a free-to-play component for this year's new Modern Warfare

This will be just two years between Black Ops 4 and 5, which will put pressure on the developers to get the project out on time and at the quality level expected. Apparently part of the reason for bring Treyarch in this way is because Raven and Sledgehammer staff had frequently disagreed on the project, leading to tension between the teams.

We will bring more on this as we learn it.

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3 years ago by GuyNamedErick

A F2P component of the multiplayer? Oh that doesn't sound good, something tells me they will try to bait in with nostalgia on MW2 and then milk out whatever is left on that nostalgia. And I guess it is not too much of a surprise that making new CODs will dry out the teams.