Blizzard's president says company is still 'PC developer'

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Diablo Immortal is infamous for going down like a lead balloon filled with wrought iron back at BlizzCon last year, with fans decrying the idea of the series making it's comeback on a mobile platform. Since then, many gamers have had concerns about the future direction of the company, and weather they would stay true to their PC gaming roots.

Now the developer's president, J. Allen Brack, has spoken with GameSpot to try and allay some of those concerns, confirming that the company still considers itself a PC game developer "first"

I think the thing that we did a poor job of when we announced Diablo: Immortal was contextualizing what we think the future can be and what we think of mobile in particular, and I also think the key thing that was lost, that we did a poor job double emphasizing, is we are a PC developer first. And then we look for other platforms that we think are awesome that can support the types of game play experiences that resonate with the type of games and values that we want to put forth into the world. And the example of that is, there was a little bit of a backlash when we [announced] that we were going to port Diablo 3 to console as well.

That being said, he went on to say that he did believe the company can still make mobile games without sacrificing the quality the studio is known for, and more importantly, that it won't affect their PC roadmap.

He also admitted that he believes even if gamers did enjoy Diablo Immortal, the game will still suffer due to the lack of communication.

We did not do a good job in assuaging our core fanbase that we're not abandoning PC for mobile and console.

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