Blizzcon 2011: Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm – New Multiplayer Unit Stats and Abilities

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Posted on October 21, 2011, David Moss Blizzcon 2011: Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm – New Multiplayer Unit Stats and Abilities

At Blizzcon 2011, the new Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm multiplayer units were not only unveiled, they were playable. It’s out with the old and in with the new as some units get retired to make way for the new guys. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the different unit stats and abilities so you can start scheming up new strategies. We’ve also got the details on changes to existing units here. Keep in mind, all this stuff is subject to change as Blizzard continues the development process.


Type: Mechanical

Health: 180

Abilities: When deployed will deal 20 damage per second to anything with it’s range. If any of your units (other than shredders) are near this unit, the field will not be deployed)

Notes: The Shredder is a new unit built from the Factory that allows the terran player to control the battlefield. In its mobile form, the Shredder has no attack — but when set to stationary mode, it channels area-effect damage to both the air and ground. If a friendly unit enters the range of the Shredder, the weapon shuts off.

Hellion Battle Mode

Type: Mechanical

Health: 135

Damage: 8 or 19 vs light to ground units

Notes: When transformed into its new battle mode, the Hellion will gain in hit points and get a stronger flame attack that covers a short arc in front of it. This makes the Hellion more effective in late-game fights against large clusters of light units such as Zealots


Type: Armored Mechanical

Health: 260

Damage: 4 or 8 vs light to air units
10 or 20 vs mechanical to ground units

Notes: The Warhound is a small, walking ground mech that wields an effective anti-air weapon with splash damage, much like the Thor from Wings of Liberty. The difference is that the Warhound is smaller and much more nimble, though it gives up some range on its anti-air missiles in exchange for this mobility. The Warhound also wields a small ground attack weapon that does additional damage to mechanical units, making it particularly well suited to taking out enemy Siege Tanks — though it’s not particularly effective against non-mechanical units.


Type: Armored Biological

Health: 120

Energy: 200

Abilities: Ocular Parasite- turns target unit into an observer
Blinding Cloud- reduces all units within the cloud to melee range
Abduct- pulls target unit to viper’s location

Notes: The Viper is a new flying unit with three unique abilities. Blinding Cloud temporarily reduces the attack range of all ground units inside the cloud to melee range, and prevents energy-based abilities from being used. Abduct allows the Viper to physically pull a unit to the Viper’s location. Finally, the Viper has a one-time ability called Ocular Parasite, which allows it to detach its eye stalk and meld it onto any friendly, non-massive unit, turning that unit into a detector.

Swarm Host

Type: Armored Biological

Health: 120

Abilities: Burrow
Spawn Locust- 2 locusts (limited lifespan) every fifteen seconds

Notes: The Swarm Host is a slow-moving ground unit that has no standard attack. When burrowed, the Swarm Host spawns a continuous stream of slow-moving melee units called Locusts (limited lifespan) that can be used to lay siege and pressure entrenched enemy positions.


Type: Light Biological

Health 110

Damage: 14 damage to ground units

Notes: Their tougher than boodlings or zerglings. These little guys can help tank damage from siege tanks to prepare for a Zerg attack.


Type: Mechanical

Health 60

Shields 60

Abilities: Replicate- Allows Replicant to permanently transform into any unit in range. (massive units expempt)

Notes: Replicants have one ability: to transform itself into any non-massive unit. They’re expensive, so cloning a Zergling would not be very cost effective, but transforming into a specialized unit like a Raven, Infestor, or Siege Tank could open up interesting strategic options for the protoss.

Oracle (Flying)

Type: Mechanical

Shield: 20

Health: 80

Energy: 200

Abilities: Phase Shift- Target structure is phased out of existance for 45 seconds. It can’t attack, use abilities or upgrade.
Preordained- Gain vision of target structure and any upgrades or units in production.
Entomb- Prevents mining from target mineral field for 45 seconds (massive structures exempt)

Notes: The Oracle is a psionic warship, built from a Stargate, that uses several unique abilities to raid and harass the enemy. The first is Entomb, which can temporarily block mineral fields from being harvested. Another ability, Preordain, grants vision of a targeted enemy building, allowing the protoss to see which units or technologies are being researched. Rounding out its kit is Phase Shift, which phases a target building, preventing it from being attacked, using its abilities, or granting technology. Not only can structures like missile turrets be prevented from attacking, but using this ability on a zerg Spire would block the production of Mutalisks, Corruptors, and air upgrades.

Tempest (Flying)

Type: Armored Mechanical Massive

Health: 300

Shields: 150

Damage: 35 to ground targets
22 to air targets (splash damage)

Notes: The tempest is a new capital ship that deals massive area-of-effect damage to air units. It also has a standard ground attack, but its chief role is to help gain air superiority.

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