Blood Stone Walkthrough

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Posted on October 29, 2010, CJ Miozzi Blood Stone Walkthrough

Casino Royale was a cinematic revelation — the best Bond movie in years. The gaming branch of the wildly lucrative franchise, however, has been moldering untended. Sensing an opportunity, the IP-holders brought Bizarre Creations on board to try to breathe some air into Bond-gaming, and the developers have done fine work with James Bond: Blood Stone 007, a slick-looking 3rd-person adventure that effortlessly captures the look of the recent Daniel Craig films.

Craig’s own stunt-double did motion capture for the game, and a host of other luminaries (including Craig himself, Judi Dench, and Joss Stone) were involved in its creation. The gameplay will include almost all of Bond’s favorite activities; driving, hand-to-hand fighting, and gunplay are all well-represented. Bedding sultry dames, sadly, will have to stay confined to the cutscenes.

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive step-by-step walkthrough. We’ll guide you through the title with the gentle, mothering demeanor of Moneypenny. If you’re looking for hard intel, check out our cheats page, or our lists of trophies and achievements.

Table of Contents


Change of plans

  1. Hold down the Right Mouse Button to aim, then shoot the guard in the head.
  2. Head to the front of the boat and enter the cabin. A door will slide open; go through it. Checkpoint.
  3. Shoot the crook that appears at the end of this hall while he’s caught off-guard. A bullet to the head is an instant kill; otherwise, it will take about three shots.
  4. Walk through the hallway into the room with the now dead crook and exit onto the other side of the boat. Walk to the rear of the boat to find a ladder leading to the lower deck. Press E to use the ladder and get ready for a quick fight.
  5. Wait for the two talking guards to leave, then hit F for a stealth takedown on the guard just around the corner from you.
  6. Sneak around the corner toward the two men that left. They are in a room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Shatter the glass with a bullet, then take out the guards with a couple quick shots.
  7. Head into the room and walk down the hall toward the shouting voice.
  8. Take out the two guards. Use your focus, if needed, by holding Left Control. If you are injured, wait behind cover to recover before proceeding.
  9. NOTE: Armed enemies drop weapons; pick up weapons by walking over them.
  10. Move into the vestibule with the ladder. Checkpoint.
  11. Climb the ladder and be ready to shoot the crook at the top.
  12. Walk down the corridor and take cover in a doorway. A helicopter will shoot up the cabin ahead with a machine gun. Stay behind cover to avoid getting hit.
  13. You’re on a boat. Hold W to chase Greco. Other small boats will shoot at you; once you get close behind them, you’ll be able to shoot the gunner and driver.
  14. The helicopter will try to cut you off; when prompted, shoot at a nearby oil tanker to cause an explosion that will blast the helicopter out of the sky.
  15. Take cover behind the jet skis as you take out two guards. Rush to the pillars for cover and take out the other two guards.
  16. Move forward and head out of the room. Checkpoint.
  17. Advance to the doors and kick them open with E.
  18. Pass through the bar and cross the bridge across the pool.
  19. As you near the stairs to the right, be prepared for battle. Sprint toward the man that emerges and hit F for a stealth takedown, then duck back for cover — a man will shoot at you from the doorway.
  20. Kill the man, then head up the stairs and into the building. Checkpoint.
  21. Enter the large room and take out the two guards.
  22. Kick open the doors on the left.
  23. Head into the antechamber. Checkpoint. Kick open the second set of doors.
  24. Take cover and kill the goons in the parking lot. As you move into the lot, take cover behind cars because more goons will emerge. Be careful, though — cars can explode. Try to use this to your advantage in the fight.
  25. Climb the steps into the room.
  26. You’re now driving. Hold W to chase after the car. Stick on the right hand lane as much as possible to avoid head-on collisions, but don’t hug the shoulder because there’s an area where you may go flying off a cliff.
  27. When the car goes off road, follow it and ram it.

Chapter 1

1.1 The key to crack the code

  1. Walk to the end of the street, toward the construction site.
  2. Head down into the site, then press 1 to activate your smart phone. Walk to the evidence revealed by the smart phone. Enter the cabin, approach the computer, activate your smart phone, and scan the evidence.
  3. Repeat the above step with the second cabin. A worker will arrive to take you to meet the foreman. Follow him. Checkpoint.
  4. Enter the foreman’s cabin and scan the computer for evidence. It’s a trap. Jump out as soon as you can — don’t hesitate.
  5. Press F for a quick stealth takedown on the first crook, then headshot the other with your silenced pistol.
  6. Pull out smartphone, then back up and walk around the rear of the truck. Locate the gun case. Scan, then grab, the silenced MP7 submachine gun.
  7. Head back toward the edge of the roof, then pass through the the open doorway on your right. Checkpoint.
  8. Take cover against the wall opposite the doorway. Move to the corner, wait for the guard to approach, then perform a stealth takedown.
  9. The following section can be approached in a variety of ways. Head up the slope and follow the outer wall of the building until you reach a room that is open to construction, killing the multitude of goons along the way. Tips: activate your smart phone to reveal the location of enemies and explosives, use cover, wait for enemies to approach around corners for stealth takedowns, shoot the explosives when you can to help take down an opponent, and use your focus chains when multiple enemies appear.
  10. Your smart phone will direct you to a crane carrying a metal scaffold. Jump onto the first scaffold, then onto the second. Look behind you, aim upward, and use your phone to reveal where to shoot. Shoot the crane wire to drop safely to the ground.
  11. Pull out your smart phone and turn around. Scan the evidence.
  12. Head down the tunnel toward the catacombs. Checkpoint.
  13. Continue down the tunnel and take out the two guards.
  14. Turn into the room on the right and scan the evidence.
  15. Walk into the room on the left side of the tunnel. Checkpoint.
  16. Head to the end of the room, take cover behind the doorway, and wait for the guard to pass by for a stealth takedown.
  17. Enter the train room and kill the guards. Exit the room through the doorway on the right. Checkpoint.
  18. Peer around the corner and snipe the guard taking cover behind the tractor.
  19. Sneak down the corridor and use your smartphone to locate the two crooks in the distance. Take them out.
  20. Head toward the dead guards, then shoot the explosives ahead to kill the guards that come for you.
  21. Walk into the passage the guards came from and scan near the elevator.
  22. Pass through the doorway opposite the elevator and switch the train points with E. This will get the enemies’ attention.
  23. Outside, two goons are being lowered by machinery. Use your smart phone to locate where to shoot to make them fall to their deaths.
  24. Take out the other guards in the room as you retrace your steps toward the train.
  25. Kill the goons in the train room, then move to the train’s cabin and press E to enter.
  26. Head to the right up the ramp, then down the passage. Checkpoint.
  27. Hop down, then head toward the red and white warning fence. Turn left, then left again after a couple steps, and walk forward to a ladder.
  28. Climb the ladder. The colossal digging instrument will activate. Hurry up the next ladder, then leap across the chasm. Grab onto the horizontal pole and climb across the gap.
  29. Run and jump again  to latch onto another pole, and continue to move left. Drop down once you reach the end of the pole and run for your life, making two more jumps before you’re safe.
  30. Drop down into the room. Checkpoint.
  31. Snipe the man in the next room before he notices you, then drop down.
  32. Head to the crate in the opposite corner of the room and scan the computer.
  33. Take the passage out of the room and follow it to the circular doorway — be ready to take on a group of goons.
  34. Head to the right and be ready for more guards as you round the next few corners.
  35. Walk through the circular doorway, then climb up. Advance to the Checkpoint.
  36. Round the corner, head into the jail cell, and activate your smart phone.
  37. Exit the cell and take cover near the corner — there are enemies around the bend.
  38. Once you’ve killed the goons, head to the jail doors and kick them open. Walk over to the man in chains.
  39. Inside the cell, climb onto the bunk bed and grab the next ledge. Shimmy over to the walkway.
  40. Move to the edge of the walkway and face the open window to your right. Jump onto the window ledge and drop down into the next room.
  41. Move straight ahead to the open doorway. Checkpoint.
  42. Walk through the circular doorway and head forward. Turn left at the corner and head straight through the other circular doorway.
  43. Round the corner and climb. Advance to the Checkpoint.
  44. Continue forward. Hold out your phone to locate the nearby explosives and blow up the crooks ahead.
  45. Advance to the corner and wait for a guard to advance so that you can use a stealth takedown. There is a group of enemies in this room.
  46. Once the goons are dead, hop down into the lower area and walk away from the entrance until you find a ladder on your left.
  47. Climb the ladder, turn left, and climb the second ladder. Fight the guards that appear.
  48. Turn right twice and jump onto the next catwalk.
  49. Use your smart phone and walk toward the nearby objective prompt. Jump across the newly created gap.
  50. Head straight to the ladder, then climb down.
  51. Walk directly away from the ladder, turn left, and head straight. Take cover as you near the next bend — a group of goons is about to attack.
  52. Once the goons are dead, head up the staircase through the doorway, turn right and enter a room. Exit the room through the doorway on the left.
  53. Head straight to the end of the chamber with pillars and exit through the doorway.

1.2 Stay with him

  1. This section is a chase scene. Stay as close behind the other vehicle as you can. Keep an eye on your minimap for upcoming sharp turns and be ready to use your handbrake for quick 180s or hard corners.
  2. Be especially careful when you reach the docks; if you fall in the water, you die.

1.3 Who are you working for?

  1. Remain behind cover near the corner of the car and let the first goon walk near you for a stealth takedown. Then, shoot the second goon.
  2. Pick up the MP5s that dropped.
  3. Crouch behind cover as more goons arrive and kill them. One will drop a 12-gauge shotgun.
  4. Two guards are posted on the high ground to your left. They carry AK74s.
  5. Follow the path as it curves to the right and slopes down.
  6. Take cover behind the fallen stonework and take out the guard.
  7. Continue up the slope. It curves left into a U-turn, past a Checkpoint. Shoot the goon that comes at you.
  8. Head down the slope into an area filled with goons. Use the layout to your advantage, take cover, and resupply on your choice of ammo or weapons after the battle.
  9. Head through the doorway to the right. Checkpoint.
  10. Take cover behind the corner and peer around to snipe the group of enemies in the next area.
  11. Head into the open area and climb up the ladder on the left.
  12. To your right will be a crane. Approach it and press E to let a beam fall across this open expanse, creating a bridge.
  13. Cross the bridge, then head left.
  14. Turn left down a flight of stairs and leap down onto the ground. Checkpoint.
  15. Round the corner to the right and head forward, but don’t rush into the open area beyond — it’s filled with goons. Dispatch them one by one.
  16. Head to the enormous archway on the right. Once again, a group of goons is waiting on the other side, this time near a truck. One wields a grenade launcher, so be ready to run back to cover if you’re hit.
  17. Approach the truck and scan it.
  18. Exit through the open area to the truck’s right.
  19. Turn right, then left. Checkpoint.
  20. Stick to the broken doorway and wait for the goon to approach for a stealth takedown, then turn left and shoot the other goon.
  21. Rush forward to take cover against the far wall of the next area, because three enemies await on the other side of that wall.
  22. Kill the next guards quickly — if you take too long, Bernin will make the handover, and you’ll fail the mission.
  23. Cross the heavily guarded area and walk through the wrought-iron gates.
  24. Drop down two levels and turn right. Try shooting down any goons you can as they flee down the passage.
  25. Chase the goons toward the open, Colosseum-like area over which a helicopter hovers. The area is filled with heavily-armed guards, so approach the battle with caution.
  26. Head up the ramp and shoot more goons on the high ground.
  27. Move forward and climb the ladder.
  28. Keep heading straight, then turn left. Jump over the gap and shoot the guards in the corridor. Watch out — there’s no cover. Keep heading down the corridor.

Chapter 2

2.1 Your basic Russian Oligarch…

  1. From your high-ground position, snipe the three guards, then walk down the steps toward their position.
  2. When you approach a stone statue flanked by eight candles, scan it with your smart phone.
  3. Move through the doorway beyond and head up the steps.
  4. Pass through the doorway towards the wrought-iron gate. Checkpoint.
  5. Open the gate. There are guards beyond. Snipe them from cover. Two are on the high ground ahead, two are on the low ground to your left and right. If they call for backup, a guard will come out from a door down the path to your left.
  6. Head down the path, open the door, and scan the case on top of the boxes.
  7. Exit the room and walk through the stone archway into the area with the statues and fountain. Head right, and be prepared for a security camera.
  8. Rush to the pillars, then move from pillar to pillar until you’re close enough to the camera to scan and disable it.
  9. Walk through the archway and to the wrought-iron gate. Open the gate. Checkpoint.
  10. Head left up the steps, then left again. Checkpoint.
  11. Turn left to face toward the giant statue of a rearing horse. Behind it, a guard has his back to you at an open window. Shoot him.
  12. Climb up into the window. Checkpoint.
  13. Take the door to your right. This next area has five guards. Use the cover of the pillars to take them down stealthily.
  14. Walk to the largest pair of doors in the room and open them. Continue through them until you reach the Checkpoint.
  15. Head through the next pair of doors, but be wary of the patrolling guard on the other side.
  16. With the guard taken out, head left toward the elevator. Use the computer.
  17. Continue walking along the balcony until you are standing over the Floor Manager. He walks around quite a bit, so you have to scan him quickly before he moves out of position.
  18. Walk around the balcony until you find the hallway with burgundy walls. A pair of doors sit at the end of this hallway. Open them.
  19. A group of guards surround the Security Chief. Kill the guards and the Security Chief. Scan his dead body.
  20. Exit the way you came, back onto the balcony. Take the hallway immediately to your left and emerge onto another balcony from where you can scan the Casino Host.
  21. Return to the elevator, use the computer to open the doors, then enter the elevator. Checkpoint.
  22. Once the elevator doors open, a slow-motion sequence will initiate. Don’t hesitate — shoot the three guards before they open fire.
  23. Scan the small clip on the desk, then exit through the double doors. Checkpoint.
  24. Use the computer on the left, then exit into the living room on the right.
  25. Vault over the balcony railing and head left. Jump onto the glass roof, then grab onto the ledge above.
  26. Shimmy all the way over to the next glass roof and drop down on it.
  27. Jump across onto the solid roof and climb up the balcony railing. Checkpoint.
  28. Exit through the right and scan the safe.
  29. Take cover and shoot the three guards that come for you.
  30. Exit through the open door and take cover by the doorway to the right. Take down the guard that comes at you and shoot the others.
  31. Head through the room and into the elevator.
  32. Exit the elevator. Checkpoint. Follow the hallway to a pair of doors.
  33. Kick open the doors and immediately take cover. There’s a huge number of guards in the next room.
  34. Take out as many guards as you can from the doorway, then sneak through the room, from cover to cover, cleaning up the rest. Exit through either hallway and head for the double doors. Checkpoint.
  35. Open the doors and dive to cover. There’s an even greater number of guards here, and a second wave will arrive during the battle.
  36. After taking out the guards, run to the other side of the room and open the doors.
  37. Take cover behind the balcony wall and shoot down at the guards. Prioritize the ones running for the steps — if they approach you, you won’t have cover.
  38. Once you descend the steps, a second wave of guards will emerge. Take cover, and once again, prioritize the targets that are trying to circumvent your cover.
  39. On the right side of this room is a stone bust of a man; scan it, then exit through either passage.

2.2 Not all fun and games

  1. Exit the house and head left into the parking lot. Scan Pomerov’s car; it’s the black one surrounded by white cars. This will activate its alarm.
  2. Head in the direction the car is facing and walk through the entrance on the right.
  3. Scan the huge statue of the three men in robes, then head left up the steps.
  4. Enter the building.
  5. Take the exit on the far left and scan the server room console ahead on the left. Checkpoint.
  6. Before going through the door you just opened, head up the spiral staircase on the right and scan the scale model ahead of you.
  7. Head back down the spiral staircase and through the door you opened.
  8. Rush down the steps and sneak up behind the guard for a stealth takedown.
  9. Don’t shoot the guards around the corner — if the security camera spots dead bodies, you’ll fail the mission. Wait for the guards to finish talking. One will walk toward you. Perform a takedown.
  10. Advance toward the camera and disable it.
  11. Move to the end of the room and turn right. Take out the guard in the room beyond, then use the laptop on the desk. Checkpoint.
  12. Retrace your steps all the way back up the spiral staircase onto the bank’s second floor.
  13. Head down the hallway to your right and to the bar. Scan the drink Pomerov left on the bar. Checkpoint.
  14. Return down the spiral staircase and pull a U-turn to your left. Open the doors, head in, and scan the area.
  15. Exit the room and head straight to the Computer Center directly across.
  16. Scan the terminal and enter. Take out the four guards beyond.
  17. Move under the large staircase and scan the AK-74.
  18. Walk up the large staircase and pass through the doors.
  19. Follow the balcony until it leads down to the first floor.
  20. Make a U-turn to your right and pass through the open doorway.
  21. Use the computer terminal.
  22. Take cover and fight off the waves of soldiers that come for you. Shift your cover depending on which doorway they appear at. Checkpoint.
  23. Use the computer again. Checkpoint.
  24. Climb the ladder to your right, then shimmy over to the right and climb the second ladder.
  25. Shimmy to the right again, then drop down. Jump to your right, and continue to jump and vault until you reach a doorway. Once you’ve stepped through the doorway, you’re safe. Head down the steps. Checkpoint.
  26. Take cover and shoot the soldiers beyond the door.
  27. Advance into the room, but take cover before rounding the corner. More guards await, some of whom throw grenades. Get behind cover before a grenade explodes.
  28. Continue stealthily into the room, as more soldiers await around every corner.
  29. Exit through the hallway.

2.3 Keep the car running

  1. After making a left, then a right, take cover against the right-hand wall — guards will be around the corner.
  2. Once dealt with, head into the open area and turn left toward the metal doors. Open the doors and be ready to take on three soldiers immediately on the other side.
  3. Head through the doors onto the catwalk. Checkpoint.
  4. Walk forward, take cover, and move left. Shoot the three soldiers.
  5. Head down the stairs and into the facility.
  6. Open the next two sets of doors and walk into the control room.
  7. Use the laptop, then exit through the left.
  8. Turn left twice, then scan the computers to your left.
  9. Head through the doorway and through the sliding metal door ahead.
  10. Rush to the wall on the right and takedown the soldier as he walks through the door ahead.
  11. Exit and walk up the steps. You’ll pass a Checkpoint along the way.
  12. Take cover and shoot down the two conversing soldiers.
  13. Scan the huge exhaust pipe with the flammable warning signs.
  14. Walk along the catwalk and take out another soldier.
  15. Once you reach the steps leading down, take cover and snipe the three soldiers below.
  16. Descend the steps until you reach the Heat Exhaust Override Valve. Turn the wheel.
  17. Vault over the railing and take cover as soldiers emerge.
  18. Take cover by the path to the right and shoot a couple more soldiers.
  19. Move forward and rush down the path to your right before taking cover. More soldiers will emerge, and from this position, you can sneak around behind them.
  20. Take the path leading left out of this area into a room with a sliding metal door. Head through the door. Checkpoint.
  21. As you move forward, be quick with your trigger finger as a soldier will rush you. No time to duck for cover, just take him out.
  22. Continue forward, then turn right twice into the control room.
  23. Head straight to exit the control room and pass through a sliding metal door.
  24. Turn left into the small room. Checkpoint.
  25. At the other end of the room, a metal door will slide open, revealing a room filled with guards and explosive materials.
  26. Scan one of the coolant containers, then exit this refrigeration room through the exit on the far side.
  27. Head into the next room. Checkpoint.
  28. Rush to the sliding metal door and take cover. This is another room filled with enemies and explosives.
  29. Once the enemies are dispatched, scan the truck closest to the entrance.
  30. As you move deeper into this room, there will be more soldiers. Avoid standing near the explosives.
  31. Exit the room through the right, then continue left twice and turn into a room with ladders and giant tankards.
  32. Climb a ladder and walk out onto the catwalk to the coolant override valve on your left. Checkpoint.
  33. Turn the valve and be ready to run.
  34. Exit through the path to your 11 o’clock. Follow the catwalk and shoot the soldiers that get in your way. Be quick on the draw; there’s no time for cover.
  35. You’ll reach a frozen window. Jump out to safety. Checkpoint.
  36. Head right, back to the central control panel.
  37. Take out the two soldiers that come for you, then head up the steps from where they came.
  38. Open the doors at the top of the steps and run across the catwalk. Pass through two doorways to the Checkpoint.
  39. Scan the weapon case just outside, then rush left up the steps.
  40. Slide down the ladder and rush forward to cover. Soldiers will shoot at you. To survive, stay behind cover, takedown the numerous enemies that will climb over the railing near you, and use your Focus Aims.
  41. You must survive the waves of soldiers until Nicole gets the car, at which point she’ll call you. Checkpoint.
  42. Once you kill the next wave of soldiers, you’ll reach another Checkpoint, and Nicole will tell you that she’s nearly arrived. Hold out for a little longer.
  43. When Nicole says she’s arrived, clear out the remaining soldiers (there will be a ton!), then race to the exit.

2.4 A train to catch

  1. This is a driving level. The first segment consists of driving through an Armageddon of fiery debris raining down around you. Avoid the debris and the trucks driving along the road as best you can — this may be an instance where you can’t afford to take your eyes off the road to check the minimap, because the debris will come at you fast.
  2. You’ll reach a Checkpoint once you land on a frozen river. Well, a partially frozen river. Avoid driving into the water.
  3. You’ll reach a second Checkpoint once you spot a helicopter. Keep driving as the helicopter shoots at you. Oh, and the ice you’re driving on is now cracking, so you might want to hurry.

2.5 By any means necessary

  1. Wait for the guard to approach, then perform a takedown.
  2. Kill the other three guards and more forward, grabbing a gun. Take cover and kill the next soldiers.
  3. Head around the front of the boat and shoot the three soldiers on the boat’s left side.
  4. Move forward and take cover — more soldiers will emerge.
  5. Walk forward until you see the ladder to your right leading to the lower deck.
  6. Descend the ladder and shoot the guard toward the front of the boat — you won’t have cover.
  7. Run toward the door near the front of the boat and be ready to shoot a soldier that will emerge.
  8. Enter the boat and open the cargo doors.
  9. Duck for cover; soldiers will shoot at you.
  10. Move left into the next room. Scan the equipment on the far side of the room.
  11. Enter the room with the vehicles, but stay behind cover; some soldiers are operating the vehicles’ machine guns. Another wave of soldiers will arrive once you enter.
  12. Crouch behind cover and sneak your way to the far left end of the room, careful to avoid getting hit by the machine guns.
  13. Head up the steps and jettison the cargo.
  14. Return to the center of the cargo room, taking out the newly arrived soldiers along the way and ducking from the remaining vehicle’s machine gun.
  15. Scan the weapon case in the center of the room, then sprint out in the open around the vehicle that’s shooting at you, toward the door off to the right of it. You’ll take a few hits, but you should pass through the doorway before you die.
  16. Walk to the end of the passage and jettison the cargo.
  17. Exit the cargo room, killing the soldiers that appear.
  18. Walk the path on the outside of the ship back to the ladder.
  19. Climb the ladder. Checkpoint.
  20. Head to the front of the ship toward the turret.
  21. Hold the fire button to shoot the incoming missiles out of the air. This machine gun has about a second of spin-up time, so start shooting before you think you need to. Don’t use controlled bursts — the spin-up and spin-down time is too great.
  22. Next, you’ll have to shoot out the engines while still taking out the occasional missile volley. There is a row of four engines on each side of the craft; blue circles define their position. Once they start smoking, they’ve been destroyed.
  23. Scan the Anti-Missile Turret, then head across to the right side of the ship, crossing a Checkpoint along the way.
  24. Jump onto the wing of the S.A.V., then immediately dive to cover to take out the three soldiers.
  25. Toward the rear of the S.A.V., another soldier will appear. Once he’s dead, head toward his position and jump from ledge to ledge until you reach his open door. Checkpoint.
  26. You need to hurry. Fight your way to the front of the ship. A Checkpoint is located at a ladder. Climb up.
  27. In the slow-motion sequence that follows, shoot the red door release button to the right of the masked goon. Don’t bother shooting the goon.

Chapter 3

3.1 An uneasy alliance

  1. Walk forward through the doors.
  2. Head straight down to the huge glass wall. A bug will be inside the aquarium, just on the other side of the glass. Scan it.
  3. Head back up the first slope, but stop before climbing the second slope. Turn left and walk to the glass wall. Scan the bug.
  4. Turn around and head to the opposite side of the room. Walk left along the glass wall until you reach the bug. Scan it.
  5. Walk up the second slope and head left to the transmitter.
  6. Using the arrow keys and the Enter key, select the yellow sound clip, then the blue, and then the red.
  7. Walk down both slopes to Ping.
  8. Head back up the slopes and take out the gunmen that came with the assassin. Grab their weapons and chase the assassin through the door on the right side of the balcony. Checkpoint.
  9. More gunmen will appear; shoot your way across the bridge ahead.
  10. Continue up the ramp, taking down gunmen as you go. One will drop a DSR-1, a scoped gun you can use to snipe many other gunmen from cover beside your present position.
  11. Continue up the ramp. Checkpoint.
  12. Keep fighting your way toward the assassin. Follow him through the doors and scan the murdered security person.
  13. Head up the flight of stairs.

3.2 One more step and you’re dead

  1. Chase the assassin up the ladder. Turn right and open the door.
  2. Follow him through the next doorway and back outside.
  3. Run left and jump onto the next rooftop.
  4. Vault over the ventilation shaft, turn right, and grab the roof’s ledge.
  5. Shimmy to the left and climb onto the roof.
  6. Drop down onto the next rooftop toward the left, then jump onto the next roof ahead.
  7. Drop turn, head left, and exit through the open door.
  8. Vault over the low wall and head toward your 2 o’clock. Chase the assassin down the rooftops and jump.
  9. Drop down to the right and climb the ladder ahead.
  10. Rush to your left toward the assassin, passing a Checkpoint. A gunman will round the corner; perform a takedown and steal his gun.
  11. Head right and drop down. Take cover behind the next corner and shoot the gunmen on the other side.
  12. Rush up the ramp and take cover behind the tall, rectangular air conditioning unit. Take out the gunmen.
  13. Head forward into the nook and climb the ladder on your right. Checkpoint.
  14. Move left and take cover. Kill the gunmen, vault over the low wall, and kill the other gunmen.
  15. Head down the path with the blue and green hanging lanterns. Checkpoint.
  16. Walk down the slope to your right, then climb to your left. Turn left and jump from awning to awning.
  17. Drop down and immediately run for cover. Kill the gunmen.
  18. Scan the laptop close to where you landed, then head straight across this area. Take cover and shoot the gunman that emerges from the path ahead.
  19. Follow the gunman’s path and vault over the low wall ahead.

3.3 One bad turn deserves another

  1. This is a driving level. Begin by running forward toward the truck.
  2. As you start driving off, swerve left and right to shake off the Tuk Tuk attached to your truck.
  3. When your path is blocked by the falling debris, turn right, then left, to get back on course. This will happen two more times, and after the third time, you’ll reach a Checkpoint.
  4. Keep dodging falling debris, swerving cars, and crumbling overpasses. You’ll pass a few Checkpoints along the way, so you don’t have to start from the beginning if you fail. In general, when a road is blocked by debris, you should turn right.

3.4 Old friends, new enemies

  1. Perform a stealth takedown on the approaching guard and take his stun gun.
  2. Walk through the passage ahead, turn right, and wait near the door for most of the guards on the other side to leave.
  3. Open the door and take cover on the right wall. Move to the corner and hit the police officer with your stun gun — it only has one charge.
  4. When the other two officers aren’t looking, take cover behind the police car and grab the stun gun dropped by the officer you took down.
  5. Stun the next officer, grab his gun, and stun the third.
  6. Head in the direction the second car is facing, toward the door.
  7. Scan the gun case to the right of the door, then open the door. Checkpoint.
  8. Head through the door, stun one officer and perform takedowns on the other two. If you are stunned, press E repeatedly as quickly as you can.
  9. Head to the right, toward the ladder. Climb onto the crate, then climb the ladder.
  10. Vault over the low wall to your left, rush forward and take cover behind the second low wall. Stun the security guard that appears.
  11. Vault over the next two walls, then jump across two rooftops.
  12. Turn left and jump onto the ladder, then climb onto the roof.
  13. Walk through the doorway to your right and stun the officer on the roof.
  14. Climb up to grab the officer’s gun, then head left and climb up the slope.
  15. Head to your right and grab the horizontal cable above.
  16. Climb across and drop onto the next rooftop. Checkpoint.
  17. Head forward, turn left, and vault over the railing.
  18. Turn right and jump off the roof onto the wooden ledge.
  19. Drop from the ledge onto the police van. Stun the guard that rounds the corner, then drop down and scan the van.
  20. Walk in the direction the van is facing and around the corner.
  21. Open the door on your left and walk to the red doors.
  22. NOTE: A cinematic will play, along with the customary loading indicator on the bottom left, but this is not the end of the level.
  23. Wait for one thug to walk off, then kill the remaining one.
  24. Cross the bridge and kill the other thug, as well as any thugs you may alert to the area.
  25. Enter the small room on the left and scan the ship’s log on the floor.
  26. Follow the row of bridges to the archway. Kill the thugs on the other side.
  27. Enter the building beyond. Kill the guards waiting in the next outdoor area. More will emerge once you enter the area.
  28. Head into the passage over which rows of triangular flags have been strung. Men will shoot at you from within the supermarket to your left.
  29. Enter the supermarket and kill the thugs that emerge.
  30. Exit through the supermarket’s back entrance and kick open the doors ahead. Checkpoint.
  31. Take cover behind the crates ahead and kill the thug that walks toward you.
  32. Pass through the tunnel and bear left, then left again. Take cover behind the red-and-white cement barriers.
  33. Eliminate the thugs ahead. Turn right and scan the 12 gauge in the corner.
  34. Enter the shelter holding up the sign, “Rak’s Boat Repairs,” and press the button on the wall.
  35. Walk through the opened gate and take cover behind the wooden crates on the left. Kill the thugs.
  36. Move down the path, killing thugs, then peek around the corner and kill the thug on the upper level.
  37. Head straight through the door at the end of this alley.
  38. Turn right, pass the giant Buddha statue, and open the next door. Immediately rush for cover.
  39. Walk ahead to the end of this pillared area and through the doorway.
  40. Rak will run down the stairs; follow him.

3.5 You’re in Burma, Mr Bond

  1. Tap E repeatedly.
  2. Head left and take cover behind the corner. A guard will walk by. Perform a takedown and grab his gun.
  3. Round the next two corners and approach the doorway on your right. Shoot the guard in the head twice.
  4. Cross through this room and head up the staircase beyond.
  5. In the far right corner of this room, you’ll find your gun and phone.
  6. Scan the electronic lock beside the door. Checkpoint.
  7. Head through the door and to the left. A large battle awaits, complete with a vehicle turret you need to avoid.
  8. Follow the right wall until you reach a ladder. Climb up onto the wall and turn into the wooden tower.
  9. Drop down from the tower, then drop again through the opening in the wall. Checkpoint.
  10. Head right and climb onto the bridge. Shimmy across until you’re directly beneath the soldier, then perform a takedown.
  11. Climb onto the bridge and head down the path. When you see the mining tunnel, enter it. Checkpoint.
  12. Around the corner are soldiers. Take them down.
  13. Scan the laptop on the crate ahead.
  14. Keep moving forward into the next firefight.
  15. Continue forward until you reach the rock wall. Scan the Combat A.R. — you may want to equip it, too.
  16. Head right and scan the SUV. Then proceed through the doorway into the man-made cave.
  17. Climb onto the tall crates, then jump onto the ledge. Checkpoint.
  18. Look down on the other side. With your silenced pistol, snipe the soldier, then drop down.
  19. Vault over the barrier and head down the road. Take cover behind the left-hand corner and shoot the guards around it.
  20. Head left until you reach the Checkpoint.
  21. Take cover behind the wall, peer around, and shoot the soldiers. A vehicle machine gun will shoot at you.
  22. Rush up the steps and grab a grenade launcher. Unload the grenades on the vehicle, but when you run out of grenades, don’t shoot it with bullets. Head left into the cabin.
  23. Take out the soldiers that emerge, then proceed down the steps.
  24. The APC will be to your right — take cover. Duck forward through cover and kill the troops ahead. One will drop a grenade launcher — grab it.
  25. Climb the ladder near the grenade launcher. Checkpoint.
  26. Unload two more grenade shots on the APC, then drop down to the left.
  27. Kill the soldiers, then exit the cabin through the door on the far side.
  28. Run up the steps and perform a takedown on the guard at the top.
  29. Scan the grenade launcher, the stock up on launcher ammo. Take out the APC.
  30. Vault off the ledge and head toward the airplane to the left.

3.6 The Beautiful and the Damned

  1. Head forward and jump off the tail-end of the plane.
  2. Walk up the path to your 2 o’clock, passing a Checkpoint.
  3. Follow the path until you see men being shot. Take cover behind the pillars and kill the murderers.
  4. Continue up the path until you see a man running for his life. Take cover ahead and eliminate the next few soldiers.
  5. Continue along the path, killing another soldier, and enter the open shipping container. Checkpoint.
  6. Take cover at the other end of the container and shoot the soldiers.
  7. Head down the path, which curves to the right, killing more soldiers along the way.
  8. At some point, an Osprey will begin hovering in the air. A gunner in the rear will shoot at you. Sneak toward the crane, using the intervals between the machine gun volleys to rush from cover to cover.
  9. Once you climb onto the crane, activate it to reposition the cargo precariously over the Osprey. Be sure to take cover immediately after pressing the button.
  10. Use your phone to locate where to shoot the crane’s hook to drop the cargo on the Osprey. The Osprey gunner is also targetable, but don’t waste your ammo on that.
  11. With the Osprey down, climb up to the crane’s cabin. Checkpoint.
  12. Operate the crane. Turn it right until you see the flaming doorway in the distance, then lower it.
  13. Climb the ladder, then climb a second ladder to your left. Walk across the beam, then jump and climb onto the wreckage. Checkpoint.
  14. Jump down from the wreckage and quickly take out the two guards that emerge. You won’t have cover.
  15. Enter the room and head left down the flight of steps. Checkpoint.
  16. Pass under the malfunctioning door and head down the path until it turns left. Take cover and shoot the guard around the corner.
  17. Press forward until you reach the doorway. Take cover and shoot the guards inside.
  18. Once you’ve cleaned out the room, head right through the cover and round the curve to the left, killing soldiers along the way.
  19. Cross the bridge over the water and pass through the doorway. Checkpoint.
  20. Continue forward and shoot the soldiers around the corner.
  21. Shoot your way down the corridor, moving from cover to cover.
  22. At the end of the corridor, head left up the steps and scan the body, then head to the doors on the right to initiate a slow-motion sequence in which you must shoot the two soldiers in the elevator.

3.7 I already know…

  1. Head up the steps to your left, then rush down the passage and take cover at the corner. Perform a takedown on the guard that walks by.
  2. Descend the steps, take out the two guards, and rush up the next flight of steps. A soldier will jump through a window at the top; charge him and perform a takedown.
  3. Kill your way through the next group of soldiers and climb up the steps to the right to the bridge control room.
  4. Scan the M24 in the control room, then operate the bridge. Checkpoint.
  5. Use the M24 sniper rifle to pick off the soldiers from a distance. More ammo can be found on the balcony, through the doorway near the gun case.
  6. Cross the bridge, taking cover and shooting soldiers along the way.
  7. Pull a U-turn and walk up the steps. Pass through the building and continue up the staircase until you begin to descend the steps and reach a Checkpoint.
  8. Take cover and creep along the walls, turning corners until you reach the open area with soldiers. Take them out.
  9. Head down the stairs and through the passage on the right. Kill the soldiers, then continue forward to the Checkpoint.
  10. Once you pass through the doorway, head up the stairs to your right and power the lift controls.
  11. Head back down the steps and activate the lift controls opposite the doorway.
  12. Take cover and shoot the soldiers that emerge ahead.
  13. Once the lift stops, exit on the left and head up the steps. Checkpoint.
  14. Make a U-turn to your left and scan the M1. Take cover and shoot the soldiers.
  15. Move toward the area from where the soldiers were shooting you. Climb the stairs. Checkpoint.
  16. Walk into the room with the bulletin board and prepare for a gunfight. Fight your way outside and down the steps.
  17. An Osprey will begin to shoot at you. Head into the crane elevator.
  18. Approach the corner and kill the guard around it.
  19. The Pressure Control Terminal is to your left. Wait for a pause between the Osprey’s machine gun fire to rush to it. Don’t activate it just yet — take cover first from the next volley.
  20. Activate the terminal, then scan it.
  21. Rush toward the right, from cover to cover, between machine gun volleys, until you reach the second terminal. Activate it.
  22. Exit the room by rushing up the steps to the right. Run straight into the soldier and perform a takedown, then duck for cover and kill the other guard when it’s safe.
  23. Run forward and activate the third pressure control terminal.
  24. Leap across the gap to the left and run up the steps to take cover. Activate the final terminal.
  25. Kill the guards to the left, then leap over the railing and take cover in the staircase. Head up the steps. Checkpoint.
  26. Turn right at the top of the staircase and take cover behind the low walls. Turn right again and jump onto the crane.
  27. As the slow-motion sequence starts, shoot Rak without hesitation until he’s dead.


Meeting Adjourned

  1. This is a driving level. Without any debris raining down from the heavens, roads shattering before you, or bullets flying at your face, it is probably the easiest driving level in the game. Just stay behind Nicole full throttle, ease off the gas during turns, and apply the handbrake when you need to round a sharp corner.
  2. When you have to damage Nicole’s car, drive along her left side and ram her car against the right railing. Keep grinding against her car until she stops.
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